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The World Map is the main way to find locations in the World of Atlantica and to get to various locations in the world.

Press M anywhere in the game to open the World Map. You can also open the World Map by clicking on the M button in the upper right corner of the Mini Map.

Icon Meaning
Route to other regions
Current Player Location
Other Location

The World Map will open to the Region (continent) you are currently located in.


You can find locations either on the World Map or in the Encyclopedia's Field tab (access this from the Game Info menu).

  • Route to Other Regions: these are routes to other major regions or continents.
  • Town: indicates a town.
  • Other Location: these are locations for questing, dungeons, etc. See the Encyclopedia's Field tab for details.

Changing Regions[]

To change Region, pull down the Regions combo list and select a region.

Regions combo list


Changing Major Regions[]

To change between the two major regions, the Surface World and Atlantis, click the blue circle at the top right of the map, right under the Regions combo list. This will show you the whole world and you can select which major region to view.

These regions are:

Surface World[]



Right -click on a town and it gives you a choice of auto-move or teleport.

Right -click on another location and it gives you a choice of all of the sub-locations in that area and then a choice to Auto-Move or Teleport.



Clicking anywhere on the map will display coordinates for that location in the bottom center of the map. The Mini Map displays your current coordinates. You can use these coordinates to provide location info to other players or find locations yourself.

For example, location information is very important for Treasure Maps, which are used for quests, but you can also use to make gold in game.

Accessing Favorites[]


Click on the circle at the bottom left of the map to display your Favorites. These are favorite locations you can save for future use. Click the Favorites button to bring up the Favorites tab in the Character Sheet.

Changing Map Opacity[]

Click on the lever at the bottom right of the map to change the map's Opacity.