Viking portrait

Viking mercenary

The Viking (Bluetooth) is a grade D Axe Mercenary.

A Northern Viking is an upgraded (to class C) Viking (class D) mercenary.

After years at sea, the Viking has learned to endure the greatest assaults. With a swing of his mighty axe, he can hit up to 3 enemies in a row, and his Freezing Axe magic will freeze them in place.

You can have as many of this mercenary as you like.

Assessment Edit

The Viking is an excellent low level mercenary. He is the first merc you can get as a newly started Main Character that can disable a full row of enemy targets. He is also inexpensive to upgrade and skill.

The Viking lacks high enough Magic Defense to be an effective tank at higher levels (say >120). You can upgrade him to a Northern Viking and increase his Magic Defense a little, but it's still not very high. At that point, you will have many other merc choices to replace him as a front row tank. The most typical replacement for the Viking is a Druid.

His Freezing Axe, even though it will not work on bosses above the Bran Castle dungeon is still very useful. If outnumbered, freezing 3 enemies for about 2 turns can be a tide turner. However, his weakness is his very low Action Power gain. Using his Freezing Axe can quite easily prevent him from making another move for a few turns.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Employment Edit

An Viking can be employed in your Home as a Chef. See My Home for details. This must be a Viking and not a Northern Viking.

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Upgrades Edit

Ashen Crystal and Ashen Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Viking 1 None 330 140 110 310 180 -50
Viking I 20 50 Ashen Crystal 360 160 120 340 270 -50
Viking II 50 100 Ashen Crystal 390 190 130 370 360 -50
Bluetooth 80 20 Ashen Jewel 420 220 140 390 450 -50
Bluetooth I 100 50 Ashen Jewel 449 235 149 417 558 -50
Bluetooth II 120 150 Ashen Jewel 479 249 159 438 648 -50
Bluetooth III 130 200 Ashen Jewel 511 264 169 458 748 -50
Bluetooth IV 140 200 Ashen Jewel 549 281 181 484 868 -50
Bluetooth V 150 200 Ashen Jewel 588 301 193 512 1008 -50
Bluetooth VI 160 200 Ashen Jewel 705 361 231 614 1209 -50

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Deadly strike Deadly Strike Edit

A strike of desperation while on the verge of death. The attack puts a strain on your Action Power, delaying your next turn.

Freezing axe Freezing Axe Edit

Freeze an enemy for some time with a blast of ice from your axe.