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VALOFE 11th Anniversary Event[]

  • May. 11 2018

VALOFE Celebrates its 11th Anniversary with Atlantica Online!

During the weekends, you can receive the following items after being logged in for a few hours!

1Hr: VALOFE Anniversary Box x1

2Hr: Spring Token x1

3Hr: VALOFE Anniversary Box x1 

4Hr: Spring Token x1

The VALOFE Anniversary Box randomly contains one of the following items:

EXP Concentration License (No Trade/1 day) * 1

Perimeter License [No Trade/1 hr] * 5

Blessing License(1 Day/No Trade) * 1

Scroll of Judgment (No Trade) * 15

Scroll of Life's Blessing(No Trade) * 15

Scroll of Resurrection(No Trade) * 15

Freezing Scroll (No Trade) * 15

Phoenix Scroll (No Trade) * 15

Water of Life(No Trade) * 100

[Common] Nouvelle Cuisine Feast (No Trade) * 3


Get +200% Hunting/Crafting EXP and +35% Attack/Defense during the weekends!

And Get +100% Hunting/Crafting EXP and +25% Attack/Defense during the weekdays!


50% off on all Atlas Ores! (May 12th to 17th)

VALOFE would like to give their thanks the Atlantians for all the support! Enjoy the coming weekends and the days after!