• Piroco

    The purpose of this list is to highlight low-upkeep, easily available mercenaries; Class A, Item Mall and super rare mercenaries won't be listed for this reason. Recommended mostly for low level and alt-character formations. 

    Kim Choon Sam

    Excellent tank with a great healing skill and good damaging AoE. Beggar's Wit can also heal catapults in TBS. Has a combo with Chueh Shui. Upgrades with Giant Soul Crystals and Jewels. Recommended for formations in need of a hardy frontliner. Available from the A Tense Moment (Quest)

    Lady Knight

    Excellent tank with a decent damage skill, but not much else. Has a combo with the Oracle. Books are very easy to get. Upgrades with Giant Crystals and Jewels. Available from the Lady Knight Recruitment (Quest)


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  • Piroco

    This list is incomplete

    As mentioned, this is a discussion post, meant to guide players on their choice of merc. Any input and opinions are not only welcome, but encouraged.

    For my choices, I'll be taking into account the following characteristics:

    • Skills
    • Upgrades
    • Equipment
    • Accesibility (how easy/difficult is to get this merc.)

    Mostly the latter (ex: this list recommends the Champion above Dark King Arthur based mostly on availability, as the latter is one of the most expensive mercs. in the whole game while the former is costly but affordable to most players.)

    Tiers are in descending order per category.

    Top Choices:


    The hardiest tank in the game. Shield Bash and Weapon Rend can cripple enemy units, while Athena's Protection makes the Champio…

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