The User Interface of a game is commonly known as UI for short.


Atlantica Online user interface screen shot.

This is a screenshot of the User Interface. Below the various parts of the screen are explained in more detail.

See the Keyboard Controls and Inventory pages for more information about the game's UI.

Menu Edit


Atlantica Online Top Menu

The main menu consists of multiple menus. See the menus page for details.

Quest List Edit

Below the menu is the quest list. See the quest page for more info about quests.

Event Button Edit

Events happen in Atlantica constantly, practically year-round. If an event with an event dungeon is in progress, the Event button will be displayed on the upper left side of the UI, directly below the quest list.

Atlantica Online chat window with options

Chat Edit

Chat windows allow you to chat with other players in game. There are tabs at the bottom of the chat window that allow you to view and participate in various ongoing chats.

Press Enter to start chat, then type some text and press Enter again to post to the current chat tab.

See the Chat page for details.

Guild Craft Edit

The windows above the chat window displays information about guild crafts. It can be shown or hidden by clicking on the orange guild craft line. This window is not shown if no guild craft has been active since you logged on.

Game Info Edit

The middle chat window displays game messages regarding things that are happening around you. For example: guild crafting status, loot information, leagues in progress. This window can only be resized vertically, but not hidden. You can use the options check boxes to toggle which types of information to see.

Bottom Left Display Edit


Atlantica Online bottom left displays

Bottom Left Display is a highly technical term for the information displayed at the bottom left of the screen, just below the chat window.

Game Date and Time Edit

This will display something like 23 hrs 6/5/26. See Time in Atlantica for more info.

It will also display the gold you have on you right now and your might.

Mini Map Edit


Atlantica Online mini map

The Mini Map is a smaller version of the World Map.

Right Side Buttons Edit


Atlantica Online right edge buttons

Some of these buttons only appear of a certain event is active or if you are in or out of battle.

Hide/Show buttons Edit

This button toggles whether the other right side buttons (listed below) are shown or hidden.

Community List Edit

The Community List lists your friends, guild, nation and peers.


Event Notice Edit

The Event Notice is a schedule of events that occur throughout the day.

Go To City Button Edit


This button allows users to teleport to several locations in Rome and Antillia, the capital cities of Atlantica.

  • Gate: teleports you to Rome's front gate
  • Plaza: teleports you to Rome's Plaza
  • Bazaar: teleports you to Rome's Bazaar
  • Auction: teleports you to Rome's Auction House
  • Arena: teleports you to Rome's Arena
  • My Home: teleports you to Rome's My Home district
  • Antillia Gate: teleports you to Antillia's front gate
  • Artisan District: teleports you to Antillia's Artisan district

You can teleport to any of these locations any time from anywhere in the game, whether you have a teleportation license or not.


Historical Invasion Edit

This button lists upcoming the historical invasions. If there is an invasion in progress, it allows you to teleport to it.


Item Mall Edit

Access to the Item Mall and the Item Pickup window.


Jackpot Edit

Access to you Jackpot window.

Legion Edit

Info about Legions, legion mercenaries, NPCs, etc.


Mentor Edit

Opens the Mentor System dialog.


My Buff Effects Edit

Displays into about your active buffs on the first tab and your active licenses on the second tab.


My Home Edit

The My Home button will appear if you own a home to allow you to enter it.


My Warehouse Edit

My Warehouse is a personal storage facility that can be accessed from (almost anywhere).


Star Stones Edit

The Star Stones button opens the Star Stones interface.


Notes Edit

This lists your Notes, informational notices such as received mail or completed guild crafts.


Olympus Tower Edit

This button gives you access to Olympus Tower, a set of individual dungeons of increasing toughness, starting at level 60.


Sotheby's Auction Edit

This menu item is only shown when an auction is active.

Spelltower Control Edit

This button only appears before the Spelltower battle is about to begin.


Town Edit

Access to the Town Menu

Start AoA Edit

Clicking the Start AoA button starts the Arena of Atlantis interface.

Formation Portraits Edit


Atlantica Online Mercenary display

The portraits at the bottom toward the right side of the screen shows a portrait for each character currently in your formation. The current character is shown larger than the rest. This is the character for which information will be displayed in the Character Information windows if you open it using Space or I. Press 1 - 9 to select another character in your formation.

See more details about characters and portraits on the character page.