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Hello everyone. I've been playing Atlantica Online since January 2009. 

There's a lot of knowledge that still needs to be written in order to continue the legacy that Atlantica-DB left behind.   

The good thing is that anyone can help by adding anything they know about the game, let it be a simple guide for a TBS or fixing a typo you found.

Any contribution you make, however small it is, can help thousand of players in the long run. Your help is saved ad infinitum.  

If you want to know anything about editing please take a look at the dedicated forum or send me a message.

The important thing when editing is to have fun!

Current progress

Adding full statistics to every weapon/armor


 *All weapons with basic infos and stats table done (as of 2017-02-11)*
 *All NPCs with basic infos done (501 total as of 2017-02-11)*

Upcoming, feel free to make the edits before I do :)

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