I'm Smashix, Atlantian Blademaster main in Atlantica Online on Server Sikyon. These days I mostly play my Stormcaller main alt Blazix. I am in the SteelDragons guild in the BrokenPromises nation. I've spent my time in Atlantica in guilds SteelDragons, Party Animals, NippleNibblers, Epic, Old Timers Guild and The Syndicate. I'm currently mostly playing my alt Blazix, who is a Stormcaller main. I've played Maestro main longer than any other main class and I'm trying Mage to try something new to me.

I am a player and have no association with Valofe, the company that manages Atlantica Online, and I get no compensation for anything I do here on the AO Wiki. I have spent hundreds of hours (I don't even want to know how much actual time <g>) adding and maintaining Atlantica information here, because I love this game and I want to contribute to its success and help others love it!

There is power in knowledge and power in numbers. If we all contribute our knowledge of Atlantica here, we can make a big difference!

I would love it if my fellow Atlantica Online addicts started contributing to this Wiki. As far as I can tell, since went offline in 2015, this is the only Atlantica Online fan site that is actively being updated. I have tried to bring this site up-to-date with the current state of the game as much as I can by doing a little bit each day.

Feel free to contribute to this site! Add your own in-game images. A picture speaks a thousand words, and Atlantica is such a beautiful game! I would love it if someone looked at our site and got excited enough to try Atlantica Online because of something he or she saw or read here.

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