Twilight of Byzantine Patch Notes Edit

  • Announce
  • August 14, 2014

Level Cap Increase Edit

  • The level cap has been increased to 170.

New Dungeon: Byzantium Ruins Edit

  • New Dungeon: [Byzantium Ruins] has been added.
  • It's located near Istanbul, and is level 163+ only.
  • You can get new quests from [Empress Consort Isabella] in the Byzantium Castle.
  • Isabella was the Queen of Constantinus XI. She is trying to figure out the forbidden Ancient Power which had destroyed the Byzantine.
  • Lv.163 or higher level characters are able to get the quests.
  • You can get new quests through [General Varda] in the Sanctum of Silence.
  • General Varda's quests can only be obtained after completing all of Empress Consort Isabella’s quests.
    • General Varda is still in the Byzantine Castle. He has spent his entire life protecting the Byzantine Castle. Now he is preparing for his last battle to protect the Castle from Evil spirits.
  • This quest will be reset every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

New Mercenary: Brothers Grimm Edit

  • Brothers Grimm (Folklorist) has been added.
  • Class A Cannon Mercenary.
  • Brothers Grimm Skills:
    • Red Riding Hood: Transforms the target into a cowardly wolf, disabling it. The effect ends if the target is attacked.
    • Musicians of Bremen: Attacks the enemy with a sound wave. If the caster makes a normal attack on effected enemies, the sound wave explodes for extra damage.
    • Mother Hulda: Mother Hulda heals allies and removes their debuffs, or strips enemies of their buffs.

New Dungeon: Nether Void Edit

  • New Dungeon: [Nether Void] has been added.
  • It's located near Chang An, and is level 167+ only.
  • Near Empty Hades dungeon, you can get new quests from [Yueying].
    • Yueying is an old monster who is living in the Ghost Town. He is unhappy with other monsters who are trying to destroy Nether Void.
    • This quest will be reset every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
    • Lv.167 or higher level characters are able to get the quests.

New Equipment: Twilight Equipment Set Edit

  • New Equipment: [[[Twilight Equipment Set]]] has been added.
  • The Twilight Set has much higher stats than the Judgment Equipment Set. Lv.165 or higher level players are able to equip the items.
  • You can enchant Twilight Set with Enhance Stone and Enchant Stone only.
  • Twilight equipment cannot be enhanced with Atlas Ore.
  • Twilight Equipment cannot be dismantled.
  • Twilight Equipment Box has been added. You will be able to acquire one of the Twilight Equipment items.

Mailbox Revamp Edit

  • You can pick several mails at once by pressing Shift or Ctrl keys.
  • Expanded the space that you will be able to see mail details at once.

Other Revamps Edit

  • You will be able to see your Guild Members by levels in [Guild Management].
  • The max capacity of Individual Crafting (Weapon, Armor) has increased: 15 -> 20.
  • If you deactivate several mercenaries and fight against enemies, those mercenaries will not receive EXP.

General Edit

  • Favorite Function is now free (no cost). If you still have some days left before the maintenance, you will be refunded with the remaining atlas ore.
  • Fixed a problem where you couldn't select the mercenary in the TBS Mission window when one or more mercenaries were deactivated in your formation.
  • TBS Battle Combo will be displayed the same way as the normal battle.
  • (Previous) Combo -1 (Changed) Combo 1.
  • Talent Points will not be given from Lv.160.
  • Talent Points that you have acquired at Lv.160 will be removed for a later revamp.
  • Fixed a TBS Object Attack bug where you could destroy the building at one turn by using the lag.
  • Fixed a problem where the false colors were displayed when comparing weapons items.
  • Fixed a problem where the scroll bar didn't move due to long details in Main Character and Mercenary character's info window.
  • Fixed a problem where HP didn't decrease with decreased Vitality after being hit by Vitality decrease magic skill.