Traveling Theater and Cinco de Mayo Festivities! Edit

  • Ended
  • Apr. 30 2015


Far and wide you hear the call, "The Traveling Theater is here"! It's time to venture forth once again to conquer the criminals of this twisted carnival! To aid you in your cause, a Cinco de Mayo Feast can be crafted that boosts Experience, Workload and Attack Power. Find out all the details for the fascinating festivities below!

Festival Details Edit

Dates: Thursday, April 30 - Thursday, May 7

The Traveling TheaterEdit


The Traveling Theater is located in Southern Europe, near Munich, and does not require a ticket to enter. Simply enter and defeat the enemies to collect Cinco de Mayo Flyers and Cinco de Mayo Spices!

Rewards Edit

Visit Traitor Capitano outside of the Traveling Theater to trade in your Cinco de Mayo Flyers for some new Legion Mercenaries, or other items that will aid you in your quest to defeat all the knaves in the carnival!

Reward Cinco de Mayo Flyers
[Summoning Book Beggar Su (No Trade)] 150
[Summoning Book Bai Xian (No Trade)] 150
[Summoning Book Hualin (No Trade)] 150
Awakening Scroll (No Trade) 10
Scroll of Life's Blessing (No Trade) 10
Scroll of Resurrection (No Trade) 10
Water of Life (No Trade) 2
Ambrosia (No Trade) 1

Cinco de Mayo FeastEdit

Craft a delicious Cinco de Mayo feast for your friends! Collect all the necessary ingredients and put your MyHome Chef to work! Since MyHome Chefs are feeling extra festive, the Workload requirement for this meal is only 1,000!


Check out your shopping list below:

  • 10 Oriharukon
  • 5 Enchanted Stone VI
  • 5 Tuna
  • 5 Cinco de Mayo Spice

Devouring this feast will grant the following buffs for 120 minutes:

  • +100% Experience
  • +25% Workload
  • +25 Attack

Cinco de Mayo Spice can be obtained by defeating enemies in the Traveling Theater! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Atlantica Online!

The following items will be deleted at the end of the event: Cinco de Mayo Feast, Cinco de Mayo Flyer, Cinco de Mayo Spice.