The Training Center is a place where guilds can train together.

  • Any guild member of rank member and above can participate in the Training Center, and receive rewards by hunting monsters.
  • Training Center is comprised of 10 stages in total, and as players kill the required amount of monsters in each stage, monsters of the next stage will be summoned 5 seconds later.
  • Only the guild leader or chief officer can open the training center by spending 5,000 Guild Points.
  • Players will receive 1 Training Center Point for each monster they defeat.
  • Training Center is designed to remain open for 1 hour.
  • Training Center will have two types of monsters: “Training Monsters” who will auto-level to your Main Character's level, and “Trained” monsters who are boss monsters and will not have auto-leveling applied. Trained monsters are designed to become more powerful with every stage you complete.
  • Stage specific rewards will be sent to Guild Leaders via in-game mail every time a stage is cleared.
  • Training Center reward boxes can be obtained from “Trained” monster types as well.
  • At a low rate, a main character necklace can be obtained from the Training Center reward box.
  • Main Character necklaces may either have Lv.115 or Lv. 135 level requirement.
  • You can also obtain a Main Character necklace by trading in a certain amount [Emblem of Training] to NPC Mercurius. The [Emblem of Training] are dropped by monsters in the Training Center.
  • After completing the Training Center , a 20 hour Cool Down will be applied.
  • Up to 20 Training Center can be opened simultaneously per server.