Trainee Master Lian Hua is a grade A Spear mercenary and the leader of the Shaolin Legion.


Master Lian Hua

Lian Hua was abandoned at the gates of Shaolin on a cold winter day. Small-framed but quick to understand martial arts techniques, Lian Hua is known for always successfully carrying out missions and possessing a fluid and dance-like grace with her spear. The other members of Shaolin are Lian Hua's family, and Lian Hua considers Xuanzang a father. Currently, Lian Hua and Fangzhang are the two top candidates to be Shaolin's next leader, but Lian Hua has a secret...

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit


Upgrades Edit

Multi-Hued Soul Crystal and Multi-Hued Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Trainee Master Lian Hua 1 None 475 151 326 304 516 200
Master Lian Hua I 20 200 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 525 181 351 342 625 200
Master Lian Hua II 50 400 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 590 206 389 385 842 200
Master Lian Hua 80 50 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 636 244 410 414 1013 200
Master Lian Hua (Hero I) 100 100 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 726 257 448 453 1217 200
Master Lian Hua (Hero II) 120 200 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 797 276 476 485 1343 200
Master Lian Hua (Hero III) 130 300 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 864 293 499 522 1468 200
Master Lian Hua (Hero IV) 140 400 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 937 311 525 563 1605 200
Master Lian Hua (Hero V) 150 400 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 1015 331 553 610 1753 200
Master Lian Hua (Hero VI) 160 400 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 1215 397 663 732 2103 200

Skills Edit


Legion mercenaries' skills automatically appear and increase level as the mercenary upgrades.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Death proof Death Proof Edit

Sin título

Uses inner energy to reduce damage received from the enemy. Part of received damage is absorbed as Magic Points.

Dharma mantra Dharma Mantra Edit

Enhances the flow of energy in the body. Increases your physical Defense and recovers Health every turn. This is the basic skill of the Shaolin Legion, that all Shaolin members have.

Thousand buddhas strike Thousand Buddhas Strike Edit

Stuns the enemy with a weapon strike. Physical strikes have a chance to reduce target Multi-Hit rate and Accuracy.

Thousand palms of rulai Thousand Palms of Rulai Edit

Increases ally physical Defense and disperses damage (AoE).