Kim Choon Sam, the Beggar King

Trainee Kim Choon Sam is a grade B Sword mercenary and a member of the Shadow Legion.

As the Beggar King, he is considered the best Shadow Corps leader in the group’s history, having learned all of the Shadow Corps’ secret techniques by the time he was 20.


You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Assessment Edit

Kim Choon Sam is an excellent tank, and one of the better Legion mercenaries. His very simple-to-clear recruitment quest only adds to the appeal.

Beggar's Wit serves as a cure-all that restores HP, MP and clears magic effects (positive and negative); Drunkard's Iron Strike, the Shadow Legion's skill, is especially useful for him given his role as a front-liner means more chances for stunning counterattacks. Dispersing Shadow combos with Trainee Beggar Su.

Unfortunately, his Dispersing Shadow AoE skill does not scale to his level at higher levels like the General's Green Dragon Glaive does, and thus does much less damage.

Kim Choon Sam is great for any formation unable to afford top-tier Sword mercenaries like the Knight, Champion, Warlord or Valkyrie. His strength and utility combined with his cheap upgrades make him a mainstay for many a player formation. If Dispersing Shadow is upgraded to scale to his level, he will be one of the best mercs in the game. Without that, he is still pretty good, especially considering how affordable he is.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit


Upgrades Edit

Giant Soul Crystal and Giant Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Trainee Kim Choon Sam 1 None 376 181 291 341 953 250
Kim Choon Sam I 20 200 Giant Soul Crystal 417 198 312 382 1315 250
Kim Choon Sam II 50 400 Giant Soul Crystal 468 220 345 430 1551 250
Kim Choon Sam 80 50 Giant Soul Jewel 500 264 364 455 1800 250
Kim Choon Sam (Hero I) 100 100 Giant Soul Jewel 575 275 397 501 2299 250
Kim Choon Sam (Hero II) 120 200 Giant Soul Jewel 634 299 421 539 2781 250
Kim Choon Sam (Hero III) 130 300 Giant Soul Jewel 688 322 441 585 3231 250
Kim Choon Sam (Hero IV) 140 400 Giant Soul Jewel 746 348 461 634 3757 250
Kim Choon Sam (Hero V) 150 400 Giant Soul Jewel 809 376 481 688 4380 250
Kim Choon Sam (Hero VI) 160 400 Giant Soul Jewel 971 451 577 826 5236 250

Skills Edit

Legion mercenaries' skills automatically appear and increase level as the mercenary upgrades.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Beggar's wit Beggar's Wit Edit

Chi from within is used to instantly increase the talents of the ally. Target ally’s Health and Magic Points recover significantly and all magic effects are removed.

Dispersing shadow Dispersing Shadow Edit

This summons a shadow to cut down the enemy team (AoE). Additional damage is applied to those with Karmic Cunning effects on them.

Drunkard’s iron strike Drunkard's Iron Strike Edit

This skill puts the enemy at ease so that they are left unprepared for the counterattack. Physical attacks have chance to stun and reduce Action Power. This is the basic skill of the Shadow Legion, that all Shadow members have.