Trainee Heisha Modi is a grade B Power Saw mercenary and a member of the Diabolic Legion.

Once the leader of the Mount Huaguo bandits, he now works as an under boss to Hualin, after being severely defeated by her when she traveled through the mountains one day. No one is sure of the details of their deal, but one thing is certain: Heisha Modi is deathly afraid of Hualin.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Characteristics Edit

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  • Trainee Heisha Modi is not recruitable via a quest.
  • Summoning Book: Heisha Modi is the Sealed Orb for summoning the Trainee Heisha Modi mercenary. You can use it at Main Character level 1. You might find it on the Market.
  • Trainee Heisha Modi could be obtained randomly from a Diabolic box during the Diabolic Events that introduced the Diabolic Legion.
  • Trainee Heisha Modi was available as a reward in the Santa's Villa 2015 event.

Upgrade Edit

Phoenix Soul Crystal and Phoenix Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Trainee Heisha Modi 1 None 355 96 109 273 132 50
Heisha Modi I 20 200 Phoenix Soul Crystal 408 114 121 309 259 50
Heisha Modi II 50 400 Phoenix Soul Crystal 462 134 135 346 384 50
Heisha Modi 80 50 Phoenix Soul Jewel 512 155 150 381 512 50
Heisha Modi (Hero I) 100 100 Phoenix Soul Jewel 563 178 163 414 657 50
Heisha Modi (Hero II) 120 200 Phoenix Soul Jewel 613 200 178 451 763 50
Heisha Modi (Hero III) 130 300 Phoenix Soul Jewel 664 220 192 484 877 50
Heisha Modi (Hero IV) 140 400 Phoenix Soul Jewel 721 243 207 518 1010 50
Heisha Modi (Hero V) 150 400 Phoenix Soul Jewel 783 267 222 554 1164 50
Heisha Modi (Hero VI) 160 400 Phoenix Soul Jewel 939 320 267 664 1396 50

Skills Edit

Legion mercenaries' skills automatically appear and increase level as the mercenary upgrades.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Bad blood Bad Blood Edit

Enemies take more damage from melee attacks. Targets take damage every turn, especially on targets suffering from Magical Fire.

Dark soul rising Dark Soul Rising Edit

Unleashes true potential, increasing Health recovery and Attack Power when health reaches a certain threshold, once per fight.

Seal of evil Seal of Evil Edit

Enemies hit with the physical attack of Seal of Evil are cursed. Health and Attack Power are reduced with every turn while the curse is active. This is the basic skill of the Diabolic Legion, that all Diabolic members have.