Trainee Guangmo is a grade D Armor Fist mercenary and a member of the Diabolic Legion.

Guangmo was Shen Hong's sweetheart until Shen Hong's father sold her to the palace. When Guangmo discovered that Shen Hong had disappeared from the palace in a flurry of controversy, he killed her father and became a fugitive. He searched frantically for Shen Hong and finally found her with the Diabolic. He joined to be near her but was shocked at how different she had become. He lives every day in the hopes that she will return to her old self.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Overview Edit

At first he may not seem like much, but Trainee Guangmo can be a great addition to formations in need of a cheap damage enabler.

Blood of Asura is an AoE attack that reduces Defense and Magic Defense on targets, allowing other characters to deal more damage. This skill can be your secret weapon! Seal of Evil, the Diabolic Legion's skill, add a chance that a physical attack reduces the target's Health and Attack.

His low rank means that he can be upgraded as soon as possible, and he has impressive Defense in comparison. Sadly his damage output is pretty low.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit


Upgrade Edit

Ashen Crystal and Ashen Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Trainee Guangmo 1 None 305 280 245 341 450 310
Guangmo I 20 200 Ashen Crystal 326 340 250 362 551 325
Guangmo II 50 400 Ashen Crystal 362 372 260 393 672 340
Guangmo 80 50 Ashen Jewel 414 405 275 430 816 355
Guangmo (Hero I) 100 100 Ashen Jewel 481 437 295 467 973 370
Guangmo (Hero II) 120 200 Ashen Jewel 565 469 330 507 1151 385
Guangmo (Hero III) 130 300 Ashen Jewel 670 500 370 550 1361 400
Guangmo (Hero IV) 140 400 Ashen Jewel 794 533 414 596 1619 415
Guangmo (Hero V) 150 400 Ashen Jewel 940 570 463 647 1938 430
Guangmo (Hero VI) 160 400 Ashen Jewel 1128 684 555 776 2275 430

Skills Edit

Legion mercenaries' skills automatically appear and increase level as the mercenary upgrades.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Blood of asura Blood of Asura Edit

Blood showers your enemies, inflicting critical damage (AoE). Enemies take damage over time (DoT) and have less Defense and Magic Defense.

Seal of evil Seal of Evil Edit

Enemies hit with the physical attack of Seal of Evil are cursed. Health and Attack Power are reduced with every turn while the curse is active. This is the basic skill of the Diabolic Legion, that all Diabolic members have.