Trainee Bai Yigai is a grade B Cannon mercenary and a member of the Shadow Legion.

Despite his appearance, he's actually sharp and capable. He's known for his honesty: once he makes up his mind, he never changes it. He joined Shadow before Kim Choon Sam, but had the foresight to recognize superior skill when he saw it. He gladly let Kim Choon Sam take over the faction.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Assessment Edit

Bai Yigai is a high damage cannon merc with decent skills. His skills buff him passively and have a high chance to stun anyone who attacks him. In addition, his Hand of Fortune protect from magic attacks.

Bai Yigai is an excellent cannon merc, and, while not cheap, more affordable than high-end cannon mercs Automaton, Bounty Hunter and the Folklorist.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit


Upgrade Edit

Dragon Soul Crystal and Dragon Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Trainee Bai Yigai 1 None 230 240 209 225 120 280
Bai Yigai I 20 200 Dragon Soul Crystal 250 270 231 275 170 280
Bai Yigai II 50 400 Dragon Soul Crystal 280 320 253 295 195 280
Bai Yigai 80 50 Dragon Soul Jewel 310 340 275 325 220 280
Bai Yigai (Hero I) 100 100 Dragon Soul Jewel 331 363 293 347 250 280
Bai Yigai (Hero II) 120 200 Dragon Soul Jewel 349 390 323 371 300 280
Bai Yigai (Hero III) 130 300 Dragon Soul Jewel 364 413 353 396 350 280
Bai Yigai (Hero IV) 140 400 Dragon Soul Jewel 380 438 385 424 406 280
Bai Yigai (Hero V) 150 400 Dragon Soul Jewel 399 466 423 454 471 280
Bai Yigai (Hero VI) 160 400 Dragon Soul Jewel 478 559 508 544 565 280

Skills Edit

Legion mercenaries' skills automatically appear and increase level as the mercenary upgrades.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Drunkard’s iron strike Drunkard's Iron Strike Edit

This skill puts the enemy at ease so that they are left unprepared for the counterattack. Physical attacks have chance to stun and reduce Action Power. This is the basic skill of the Shadow Legion, that all Shadow members have.

Eye of the sleeping dragon Eye of the Sleeping Dragon Edit

Brings out inner abilities to detect enemy weaknesses. This skill increases Physical Attack Power and Critical Rate.

Skill Levels Edit

Hand of fortune Hand of Fortune Edit

Protects allies from all non-physical attack skills. Increases target’s Magic Defense and restores Magic Points.

Skill Levels