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Trainee Bai Xian is a grade B Gun mercenary and a member of the Shaolin Legion.


The daughter of one of the richest men of the region, she has freely scampered through the halls of the Shaolin Temple her entire life, thanks to her father's hefty monthly offerings. She's bubbly, friendly and likable, though she's a bit too obsesses with her appearance. She believes money can solve all the world's ills. She's proficient with the gun her father gave her as a gift when she was a child.


You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.


Bai Xian is one of the top gun mercenaries in the game, overshadowed only by the Patriot, Sheriff and arguably Trainee Shao Xian due to their utility skills. While lacking said utility skills, Bai Xian does the most damage of all gun mercenaries. Combined with her high potential for stunning opponents, her damage output make her a killing machine on par with the Tarkan.

She has great damage output, and her Immortal Lightning passive adds above average stun potential to your formation's basic attacks, which makes her formidable in PvP. Sadly, Luohan's Wisdom can be risky to exploit due to her low defenses, which Dharma Mantra can mitigate, but not by much. It should be pointed out that Luohan's Wisdom does *not* activate from the Patriot's Camaraderie, she has to take damage herself.

The fact that she is grade B and uses Dragon Soul Jewels instead of Multi-Hued Soul Jewels for her upgrades make her OP in terms of cost for damage. However, like any other Legion mercenary, she requires many more Soul Stones and Jewels than an average grade B mercenary.



Basic Attack[]



Dragon Soul Crystal and Dragon Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Trainee Bai Xian 1 None 167 254 384 202 240 395
Bai Xian I 20 200 Dragon Soul Crystal 179 284 432 230 392 395
Bai Xian II 50 400 Dragon Soul Crystal 200 310 476 267 510 405
Bai Xian 80 50 Dragon Soul Jewel 219 335 565 282 684 410
Bai Xian (Hero I) 100 100 Dragon Soul Jewel 234 357 650 300 750 420
Bai Xian (Hero II) 120 200 Dragon Soul Jewel 243 361 704 333 985 425
Bai Xian (Hero III) 130 300 Dragon Soul Jewel 251 404 759 352 1150 430
Bai Xian (Hero IV) 140 400 Dragon Soul Jewel 261 423 822 376 1221 435
Bai Xian (Hero V) 150 400 Dragon Soul Jewel 313 507 986 451 1523 440
Bai Xian (Hero VI) 160 400 Dragon Soul Jewel 375 609 1183 541 1744 445


Legion mercenaries' skills automatically appear and increase level as the mercenary upgrades.

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Dharma mantra.png Dharma Mantra[]

Enhances the flow of energy in the body. Increases your physical Defense and recovers Health every turn. This is the basic skill of the Shaolin Legion, that all Shaolin members have.

Immortal lightning.png Immortal Lightning[]

Fills your weapon with lightning to deal shock to enemies. This skill has a chance to Stun with physical attack (only stuns front row target).

Luohan's wisdom.png Luohan's Wisdom[]

Converts damage into power. Has a chance to increase Multi-Hit rate and Attack Power when making a physical attack.