Towns in Atlantica Online are named after actual cities in the real world. Although towns in different zones exhibit different flavors, the features of each town are similar.

You can view all Towns from Game Info > Towns. The ones that are shadowed are towns you have not yet visited. You can travel to any town you have previously visited via teleportation or travel from town to town using the Travel Agency town facility in exchange for gold and will.



Certain game features are only accessible through towns, view the town info menu, as shown in the following list.

Rome, as the capital city, has certain amenities that other towns do not have.

Town ControlEdit

A Guild can control a Town.

  • If your guild controls a town, you can teleport to that town for free from the Community List > Guild tab > Go To Town button.
  • You can apply/bid for town control through a Town Hall and only a town with an expired controlling period can accept applications.
  • Only the guild leader and chief officer can apply for town control and this requires at least 1,000 Guild Points.
  • One Guild can rule one town. In other words, you can't apply to control another town while already ruling one.

Town Controlling Period Edit

  • After a certain time passes, if another guild doesn't apply for it, the ruling of the town starts after 1 month game time (24 hours in real time). Control of the town will be given to the guild 24 hours after the highest bid is made. If a higher bid is made during the duration, the counter for the 24 hours wait is restarted.
  • Towns can be rules for 1 year in game time (12 days real time) from the moment town ownership starts. For that time period, no other guild can apply to rule the town.
  • Town ownership will give the controlling guild an upkeep of tax and Guild Points every month (or one day RL).

Rome, Antillia (the two capitals) and Chang An (the only town in Central Asia) cannot be controlled by a guild.

Town ManagementEdit

Town Satisfaction Rating Edit

  • You can acquire Town Points via Management Quests and the satisfaction rating is decided by Town Points.
  • Town satisfaction rating can be decided by population, security, industry, commerce, culture, health rating in the Town Menu.
  • If you achieve a higher town satisfaction rating, you will have fewer residents leaving the town and traveling residents will move to your town.

Taxes Edit

  • Town residents pay taxes on the first day of every month.
  • Residents may refuse to pay taxes if the town's food storage is insufficient.
    • Crops will fill food storage during March (Spring) and September (Fall).
    • If the town's crop amount is 0, the food storage will not be filled.

Construction Edit

  • The guild leader of the controlling guild of a town can construct or dismantle structures. However, you need the necessary structure items to construct them. Structures can be crafted or purchased (Market, Trade, My Store).
  • Depending on the type of structure constructed, the town rating for Population, Food Storage, Crop Amount, Security, Industry, Commerce, Culture, Health will change.
  • A town can have up to 50 structures.

Town Points Edit