Atlantica Online does not use real time, but it's own game time (for most things).

Briefly, every day in Atlantica Time is an hour in real time. So:

  • 1 day real time is 30 days (1 month) of Atlantica Time.
  • 1 hour real time is 1.25 days (30 hours) Atlantica Time.
  • 1 minute real time is 1/2 hour of Atlantica Time.

Game time is displayed in the bottom left corner of the User Interface.

Months mostly matter for bidding on towns, which you can do once a month in game time (every 12 days on real time). In-game time stops during maintenance so that town bids cannot expire during maintenance and the guild being outbid gets a chance to counter.

North American Server Time is Pacific Time. Each day, event dungeons are closed between 6:00 and 7:00 AM Server Time.

Reset Time is 6:00 AM Server Time. Reset Time is the time at which each players Diary Resets. On Maintenance Days (Thursdays), Dungeon Points also reset.

Character birth dates (aka creation dates) are tracked in real time, not game time. This affect your annual birthday gifts (see NPC Birthday Acong).

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