The Time Rift dungeon is the zone where the Stormcaller Main Character level 100 update quest (Mortality) takes place.


The Time Rift dungeon was added to Atlantica Online in the Stormcaller Update.

General Info Edit

  • The Time Rift Dungeon changes at dawn and dusk according to ‘in-game time.’
  • Between 7:00-18:00 in-game time, you may enter Dawn of Battle.
  • Between 19:00-6:00 in-game time, you may enter Dusk of Battle.
  • Time Rift contains zones for both Lv. 100 and Lv. 150 characters.
  • At level 100, you can complete the Stormcaller upgrade quest.
  • At level 150, you can complete the Daily Quests that requests you to gather medals.

Zones Edit


Time Rift is a set of 2 zones each for levels 100 and 150:

  • Dusk of Battle (Lv. 100)
  • Dawn of Battle (Lv. 100)
  • Dusk of Battle (Lv. 150)
  • Dawn of Battle (Lv. 150)

Quests Edit

  • Time Defense 1, NPC Dawn Guardian
  • Time Defense 2, NPC Dusk Guardian