Time Merchant Event is here!Edit

  • Mar. 10 2017

"I have heard your request!!!"
I am the Time Merchant!

Atlantians! I will be inside the game in a specific time of the day I will be selling goods that most of you want since I have a lot in stock! The items that I'll be selling will be announced by me (In-Game announcement)! I hope this will somehow help those who are in need.

I wish to see you there!

1 server a day!

PST Time:

5:00 PST

9:00 PST

17:00 PST


Before the event starts, TM (Time Merchant) will announce the goods he will be selling in the game along with the Prices. He will be announcing his exact location to everyone.

Players who see the time Merchant will have a chance to trade with him. Each player can choose and purchase 1 item (Only 1 quantity can be purchased) After the player is done with his trade he/she will no longer be entertained by the Time Merchant. Meaning, transaction with the Time Merchant is limited to 1 only.

The event will after an hour or once the Goods he is selling is already out of stock.


1. Prices are not fixed. It will depend on the quantity of each item the Time Merchant has during his arrival.

2. Items will change from time to time every arrival of the Time Merchant arrives.

See you all in due time!