• Hey Smashix, so I've been testing out a discord integration script and it works well.

    But I don't want to proceed further and make it permanent addition without your approval.

    It won't appear on the front page, only article pages.

    Obviously, because the official AO discord is quite limited, I've decided to open one for the Wikia.

    • There's "general" chat. Used to talk about Wikia related matter and general in-game stuff/event.
    • "Help" chat with sub-categories (for quests, mercenaries, items, monsters)
    • "Trading" with game servers as sub-categories (Alexandria, Argos, Macedon, Sykion, Thebes)

    Feel free to suggest other categories.

    If you accept the change and if you have a discord account I'll make you admin as soon as possible.

    In exchange I'll remove the current "Live!Chat" located on the sidebar, which I personally haven't used even once!

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    • I used Live Chat once years ago, but yeah, Discord is much better! Good idea. Maybe start off with fewer categories until people actually show up.

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    • Alright thanks for the tip! so:

      • general
      • help
      • trade

      should do the trick for the time being.

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    • I agree

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    • Hey Wishdom, I think we should remove the Discord integration again. I'm not currently playing nor paying attention to Discord and apparently you are no longer on the Wiki Discord server, either (I am the only Admin listed).

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    • A FANDOM user
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