• Hey Smashix, I wrote a small guide on how to get rid of anything non-wiki related.

    This should help while editing and browsing (faster load times and other improvements).

    Guide in question

    The possibilities are endless, so if you have any idea/suggestions I'll gladly take them.

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    • This is excellent! I will need to take some time to fully review this, but I like it. All this new Fandom crap is so annoying, I'm glad you found some ways around it. I do run with Ad-Block Plus.

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    • Yeah, it has always been a big negative point for me. I can understand the ads since that helps with server costs, but that fandom clutter is simply useless.

      The good thing with this method is that no matter what browser or computer you use, it will always look the same as long as you are logged in. No need for any 3rd-party software like ad-block.

      But we can't apply it to the global CSS because that would go against the TOS, but individual CSS is fine no matter what the modifications are.

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    • Yeah, with this fandom rebranding, Wikia feels a lot more like a faceless corpration that is trying to "create value and brand", meaning creating money for shareholders and management. We are the product, not the customer. Their customer, like Facebook's, are companies that buy ads from them. We, the people that actually create the data on Wikia, are creating their product for them while they get rich.

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    • I guess that's the price of unlimited and fast hosting.

      To have similar features and speed would require us building a dedicated server with good specs (vps wouldn't make the cut), and then there would be other problems arising (power bills, corporate-rate isp, etc). All those costs wouldn't make us survive with ads revenue alone (also why Atlantica-DB shutdown and they had much more visitors).

      So until a good fast and free alternative exists, Wikia will be the only alternative for us.

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    • Yeah, I wasn't suggesting we move, just complaining a bit.¬†;-)

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    • Understood¬†:) It's always good to complain, it's the reason I looked into CSS to improve the site.

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    • A FANDOM user
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