• Hello Smashix, hope you are doing good!

    I'd like to have your opinion on what "Quest" pages should have as a suffix. The reason is the fact that most quest pages have differences in their names such as Inventor Recruitment Quest, Sea Palace (quest chain), Cannoneer Recruiting, Shaolin Sect 1, etc.

    With all the different ways used to name quests, I think it kind of makes the end user a bit confused.


    As seen in the screenshot, you can see there's actually 2 names for the same quest: "Trip to Taj Mahal" as well as "Atlantica Journey Quest" (which englobes all these "trip" quests).

    I was thinking of naming all the quests using their respective name (Shaolin Sect 1, Trip to Taj Mahal, etc) and adding in parentheses "Quest" to make it obvious what the page is about.

    Such as Shaolin Sect 1 (Quest), Trip to Taj Mahal (Quest). The problem is mostly because some quest have conflicting names with dungeons or items (Special Sauce, Chichen Itza)

    The term "(Quest chain)" isn't bad but it makes the page names longer and doesn't convey more than what a simple "(Quest)" does. We will still keep Quest Chain named as is.

    Thanks for your time, and if you want to communicate in an easier and faster way you can email me anytime at:

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    • Those sound good to me. A bit longer is ok, as long as it's consistent and clarifies to readers what they are looking at.

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    • Alright, I'll get started then. Thanks for your input!

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