The Return of Twisted Bran Castle Edit

  • Ended
  • May. 07 2015

A sinister castle has materialized from the nightmares of Southern Europe, and now looms over the countryside. What devious demons lurk in Twisted Bran Castle? Those who dare to enter, and posses the power to vanquish the ghouls, will be rewarded with rare jewels once owned by Elizabeth, derived from the blood of her unfortunate victims.

Twisted Bran CastleEdit

Event Dates: Thursday, May 7 - Thursday, June 4


Twisted Bran Castle is located in Southern Europe, right next to the original Bran Castle.

How to Enter: Edit

  • You must be level 60 or higher to enter Twisted Bran Castle
  • A Twisted Bran Castle Ticket is required to enter
    • You can only obtain a ticket through your mailbox after staying logged in for 1 hour
    • Only 1 ticket can be obtained per day
    • Use the ticket by right-clicking it in your inventory
  • Twisted Bran Castle will be unavailable from 6 AM - 7 AM Pacific

Dungeon Details Edit

  • Once you use the ticket, you'll have 1 hour to defeat as many monsters as you can
  • After the hour is over, you'll be teleported outside of the castle
  • The Dungeon is comprised of 3 floors, with a boss on each
    • 1st Floor: Enraged Rock Beast
    • 2nd Floor: Shubene the Pure
    • 3rd Floor: Crazy Lord
  • Collect Elizabeth's Dark Power from monsters and bosses in the dungeon
    • The bosses on each floor have a higher chance of dropping a larger amount of Elizabeth's Dark Power (used to exchange for prizes from Guide Acong in Rome)

Hourly Giveaways (Daily) Edit

Time Spent Prize Quantity
1 hour Twisted Bran Castle Ticket 1
2 hours Elizabeth's Dark Power 10
3 hours Elizabeth's Dark Power 20
4 hours Elizabeth's Dark Power 30

Exchange Rewards Edit

Find Helper Acong, located near the MyHome Plaza in Rome, to exchange Elizabeth's Dark Power for rewards. Elizabeth's Dark Power can be obtained by simply staying logged in (up to 3 hours from your first log-in reward), or by defeating the monsters and bosses in Twisted Bran Castle.

Reward Exchange Rate
Elizabeth's Earring Box 1000 Elizabeth's Dark Power
Elizabeth's Bracelet Box 1000 Elizabeth's Dark Power
Elizabet's Old Box 150 Elizabeth's Dark Power

Elizabeth's Old Box has a chance to generate one of the following:

  • 50 Elizabeth's Dark Power
  • Elizabeth's Earring Box
  • Elizabeth's Bracelet Box
  • Elizabeth's Old Box

Elizabeth's Earring Box has a chance to generate Elizabeth's Blood Red Earring up to +10 enhancement rank.

Elizabeth's Bracelet Box has a chance to generate Elizabeth's Blood Red Bracelet up to +10 enhancement rank.

Notice: Elizabeth's Dark Power, Twisted Bran Castle Tickets, Elizabeth's Old Box, Elizabeth's Earring Box, and Elizabeth's Bracelet Box will be deleted after the event.