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Quest NPC Objective Reward Notes
1. Doll Cogwheels Geppetto Craft [Doll Cogwheel]×20 EXP: 10,000
Gold: 50,000
2. Slab of Lumber Geppetto Fetch [Slab of Lumber]×10 EXP: 5,000
Gold: 20,000
Can be bought for a fixed price on market
3. Story of the Iron Girl Geppetto Hunt [Black Striped Bat] and [Red Striped Bat] for [Iron Girl's Story]×25 EXP: 10,000
Gold: 30,000
4. Legend of the Iron Doll Geppetto Use [Legend of the Iron Doll]×1 EXP: 5,000
Gold: 20,000
Geppetto gives you [Legend of the Iron Doll]×1
5. Parts of the Iron Doll Geppetto Hunt [Iron Doll Warrior] and [Iron Doll Magician] for [Parts of the Iron Doll]×30 EXP: 10,000
Gold: 30,000
6. The magical generator Geppetto Fetch [Permanent Powersource]×1
by using
[Map of Promise]×1 Geppetto hands you
EXP: 8,000
Gold: 25,000
Treasure Hunt
7. News from home Geppetto Go to Milan EXP: 5,000
Gold: 20,000
8. Getting Rid of the Marionette Geppetto Kill [Sad Marionette] (1) EXP: 10,000
Gold: 30,000
9. Getting rid of Elizabeth Geppetto Kill [Elizabeth] (1) EXP: 10,000
Gold: 40,000
10. Pinoccio Geppetto Answer question: [Pinoccio] EXP: 10,000
Gold: 25,000
Item: [Captured Doll]×300