The Flight of the Valkyrie Patch Notes Edit

  • Update
  • Jun. 24 2011

New Mercenary: Valkyrie Edit

  • A new mercenary, the Valkyrie (Morrighan) has been added.
    • “Blessed by the Gods, the Valkyrie is a powerful mercenary who uses the power of the holy sword and shield to defend against the tyranny of evil.”
    • The Valkyrie has two spells:
      • Odin's Chain: “Summon the chains of Valhalla to entangle your enemies!”
        • Prevents enemies from making physical attacks. (They can still use magic, items, and move.)
      • Quickening: “Take flight on the wings of the Valkyrie!”
        • In regular battle, this skill increases the targets’ AP. In TBS, it increases your mercenaries’ movement speed.

Colosseum League Revamp Edit

  • Colosseum League has been revamped as follows:
    • Players can now right-click on each other and ‘Duel.’ Duels follow Colosseum League rules.
    • Max health has been modified.
    • Melee Main Character's health has been reduced.
    • The health of all Mercenaries has been increased.
    • The effect of the following skills has been increased in Colosseum League:
      • Requiem, Guard Dispel, Summon Machine, Divine Slash, Shooting Stance, War Cry, Shield Bash, Flame Sword, Dark Seed, Hell Flame, Flame Spear
    • The effect of the following skills has been decreased in Colosseum League:
      • Arrow Cascade, Flame Blow, Storm Blast, Chainsaw Blade, Evanescent Scud, Break Down, Chaos Wind, Awakening, Beast Summon, Empress' Blessing, Forest Prison, Ice Ridge Axe, Revolver Rush, Steady Stance, Power Saw Raid, Athena's Protection, Green Dragon Glaive, Dawn Harmony
    • Players can now use the Sparring Hall with either Free League or Colosseum League rules.
      • A description of Colosseum League has been added to the Sparring Hall Help section.
    • The Colosseum town menu button will no longer appear when going to the character selection screen from the Colosseum.

New Convenient Login System Edit

  • The login system has been revamped.
    • Players’ last login server and character will be saved.
    • After logging in with their IDs and passwords, players can choose to log directly into the last server and character they played on.

Teleportation Revamp Edit

  • The teleport system has been revamped.
    • Players can now teleport directly to instance dungeons.
      • Players will arrive near the instance dungeon entrance to prevent them from accidentally using any keys.
      • Players cannot teleport to instance dungeons they’ve never visited.
    • Players can now teleport from the whisper window in Titan server.

Basic Features Revamp Edit

  • Sit and Search All are now basic features.
    • Action: Sit and Action: Search All are no longer sold in the market at a fixed price.
  • The quests in the Forest of Spirits that give these items as a reward have been changed.

Relaxing for Experience Edit

  • Main Characters and Mercenaries now gain experience the longer they sit.
    • Experience is earned after health and magic power have been fully restored.
    • Sitting works as follows:
      • First health is restored.
      • Then magic power is restored.
      • Then the characters begin to earn experience.
    • The amount of experience earned is determined by the character’s level and how long they sit. Experienced earned is displayed when the player stands.

Interface Revamp Edit

  • Pressing ESC now closes the currently active window.
    • After all interfaces are closed, ESC opens the Quit Game interface.
  • Various interfaces now have an [X] button and can be closed.
  • The Selection Box interface now has an [X] button, allowing players to close the box without selecting an item.
  • My Home facilities can now be closed by clicking ‘Destroy Facility’ from the facility management window.
  • Right-clicking a magic skill icon in battle toggles whether the skill will be used in auto-battle.
  • Player’s level information is displayed differently in the trading window.
  • Cooldown has been applied to the page changing button.

Diary Edit

  • Trading origin info, fishing, and persuading wandering NPCs now provides increased experience.

Quest Edit

The following quests have been added:

  • “Angakok senses that someone is meddling with the Oriharukon Sensor in Frozen Adlivun. Go to Angakok to find out what happened!”
    • The Kashgar Area Suppression quest has been added.
    • “General Ban Chao is busy fighting the Xiyu Bandits and trying to restore peace to the land. The bandits have grown stronger than he expected, and now he needs the help of a great adventurer to put them down once and for all.”
    • Talk to NPC Ban Chao near the Jade Gate of Central Asia to begin the quest. For players level 129 and higher.
  • The following fixes have been applied:
    • Esben’s Whistle can only be used in the Frost Giant’s Hideout and Room of Ice Mirrors.
    • The Warrior Summoning Flute can only be used outside the Grand Canyon.
    • An issue with title quests has been fixed.
      • Sometimes players were unable to gain a title while doing another title quest.
    • The Quest Complete button will no longer turn into a Quest in Progress button when players have no inventory space.

TBS Edit

  • TBS has been updated and fixed as follows:
    • The duration of Solo Missions has been changed.
    • Skirmishes now have longer turns, and the battle duration has been increased.
    • A message will appear if an allied object (Base Camp, Training Hall, etc.) is attacked during a TBS mission.
    • Siege vehicles will no longer give players monster info that they already have.
    • TBS monsters will no longer rush the players from a distance.
    • Buildings will no longer reappear the turn after they are destroyed.
    • A TBS issue in which players are unable to manufacture vehicles has been fixed.
    • A TBS issue in which boss mobs overlap with each other has been fixed.
    • Summon Gates have been added to the Spy Hunt mission in Squad mode.
    • The Hall of Fame now displays the correct dungeon names for Solo TBS Missions.
    • TBS “movement” squares should now display in all the spaces a character can move to.
    • The TBS issue of not being able to click certain monsters has been fixed.
    • The issue of visual effects stacking and not disappearing when buildings are attacked in TBS has been fixed.

Battle Edit

  • Players below level 100 now earn more experience for attacking lower-level monsters.
    • An issue with feast buffs has been fixed.
      • Feast buff magic will disappear after the effect expires.
    • No more than 7 magic effects can stack on a single target.
      • If a character is hit by an 8th effect, the 1st effect will be removed. Also applies to TBS.
    • The skill descriptions for Mana Shield, Storm Blast, and Toxic Sword have been modified.
    • In TBS, magic defense gained from equipment and intelligence has been increased.
    • The Vampire's attack animation has been changed to be slightly faster.
    • The Vampire’s search speed is slightly faster.
    • The evasion message will no longer appear when the Vampire uses Vampiric Thirst in TBS.
      • The spell was working fine; this was a display issue only.
    • The occasional bug of party members and monsters not always displaying has been fixed.

Items Edit

  • Players can now check the History of most equipment.
    • Right-clicking an item and choosing History displays information on the item’s crafter, recent owners, and related dates.
    • Equipment artisan will only display for items crafted after the update.
    • Right-clicking equipment now displays various actions players can take with the item.
    • These options display in the item inventory, equipment inventory, market, and personal store.
    • Double right-clicking will equip an item.
    • Summon Marble descriptions have been slightly modified.
    • Certain items and their drop rates have been changed in the Ghost Town Asylum, Huarong Pass, Van Gogh’s Hometown, and Robbers’ Hideout Skirmish dungeons.
      • Dragon God’s Wishstone drop rates have been slightly lowered. Depraved Seed has been added.
    • The fixed market prices of some Elements have been lowered.
      • Flame Element: 250,000 gold
      • Storm Element: 750,000 gold
    • An issue with being unable to retrieve field information for a chosen key in the Key Collection Book has been fixed.
    • Items that go into the Jackpot window are now added left-to-right instead of top-to-bottom.
    • Once an item has been registered in a trade, it cannot be moved within the inventory.
    • My Store items cannot be sold for less than 100 gold.

Graphics Edit

  • A model error in Michael's Sacred Wings has been fixed.
    • The movement animation for the Sabretooth mount has been made smoother.
    • The graphical issue when a female character equips the Chopper mount and the Shogun Outfit has been fixed.
    • 12 different graphic files for male/female Hair Accessories and Clothes were modified.
    • The graphical issue when a male character equips the Beast Outfit and the Taurus mount was fixed.

Auction Edit

  • My Home items can now be bought and sold in Auction.
    • The auto-bid amount for the Auction has been reduced from 10% of the original price to 1%.
    • The item registration fee for the Auction will now be charged when the item is sold.
    • A market price button will appear while registering an item on the Auction system.
    • The Auction item registration process has been modified. Like market and personal shops, users will have to enter the price and quantity to get the total amount automatically calculated.
    • An issue with the Sotheby Auction Icon blinking continuously has been fixed.

My Home Edit

  • The main character now receives 100% of crafting experience in My Home Crafting.
    • The employee will still receive his share of the crafting experience, as well.
  • The Insight process has been modified.
    • When ‘Show Insight’ is selected, furniture without insight will appear translucent, while furniture with Insight will appear normally.
      • Doing this requires one Atlas Ore Fragment.
      • This option can be activated by clicking Confirm next to “Show all items with Insight” while viewing an item in a home.
    • A message will appear every hour on the hour when Insight is applied: "My Home Insight has been refreshed."
    • Using the Show Insight feature closes all windows.
    • The Show Insight feature will be deactivated once all Insight has been collected.
  • The issue of tooltips not appearing for an employee’s skill window if they had 0 or 1 skill point was fixed.
  • The issue of Popularity increasing without receiving a Popularity Heart has been fixed.
  • The issue in which My Home furniture placement would cause the furniture to not be properly set and thus sent to the Furnishing Warehouse has been fixed.
  • An issue of some Feasts not appearing has been fixed.
  • Level restriction info for My Home purchases has been added to the Help section.
  • A help section has been added about hiring My Home Employees.
  • The fact that Dark Archers and Northern Vikings cannot be hired as employees was added.
  • The issue of some furniture becoming invisible if a player is in furnishing mode when My Home Insight is being applied has been fixed.

Expedition Edit

  • Expedition potion usage is no longer affected by level. Each mercenary can use up to 10 potions per battle.
    • When an Expedition is on standby, players can view the history of the previous expedition and experience earned.
    • The position of characters who uses observe mode has been fixed.
    • The message that appears when the user tries to retrieve a mercenary when they have a full formation of mercenaries has changed.
    • If a mercenary in an expedition has any equipment with durability between 10 and 0, a durability warning mark will appear on the portrait of the mercenary.
    • The issue of Life Potions not appearing in mercenary quickslots after an Expedition mission has been completed has been fixed.
    • Expeditions can now be observed while in a squad.
    • Players will no longer be moved to the front of their homes after observing an Expedition.

Community Edit

  • Player levels are now indicated in the whisper window.
    • Players will still receive a message if they are kicked out of their guild while logged out.
    • Players can now continue chatting in the same window if one logs out and logs in again.
    • Forum posts will still display text when they contain the { } characters.
    • The minimize feature has been added to the Share Info window.
    • An alert window will appear when a community member (friends, guild members) finishes a TBS battle.
    • Max gold transactions allowed for mail, personal trade, and personal stores have been changed to 500,000,000,000.
    • Friend list level information now updates properly.
    • Players can now invite players who leave their guilds back into the guild.

Sound Edit

  • My Home employees will no longer play their voice file twice.

Client Specific Edit

  • An issue with the client crashing from time to time during regular Skirmish battles has been fixed.