The Explorers is a level 130 Main Quest for characters created during the Free Lv. 130 Character Event . It begins after character creation when the player talks to Kris.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
Welcome to Atlantica Kris Talk to Kris Experience: 5,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Welcome Explorer Kris Open Inventory Window (press space or i) Experience: 5,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Co-Explorers 1 Kris Use Water of Life (No Trade) (0/1) Experience: 30,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Player gains Sheriff guard mercenary
Egg Hunt Kris Battle with Mysterious Egg Experience: 300,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
New Atlantian Outfit Set x 1
Co-Explorers 2 Kris Fully heal your characters Experience: 100,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Player gains Bounty Hunter guard mercenary
Co-Explorers 3 Kris Change battle formation in My Info -> Formation Experience: 100,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Player gains Valkyrie guard mercenary
Co-Explorers 4 Kris Use any magic (0/1) Experience: 100,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Player gains Vampire guard mercenary
Co-Explorers 5-1 Kris Search All (Shortcut X) in Battle Experience: 50,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Blessing License (7 Days/No Trade)x 1
Co-Explorers 5-2 Kris Go to Sydney Experience: 50,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Player gains Taoist guard mercenary
A New Environment Kris Kill Mature Eldebranch (0/1) Experience: 350,000,000
Gold: 2,000,000
Title: New Explorer
Picking Up the Place Kris Dragon's Essence (0/5) from Sauntering Eldebranch and Curious Eldebranch Experience: 400,000,000
Gold: 2,000,000
Explorer Kit I x 1
All Prepared Kris Talk to Shea Experience: 10,000,000
Gold: 500,000
Ambrosia (No Trade) x 200