Patch Notes: Call of Kronos Edit

  • Update
  • Mar. 13 2014

New PvP System: Kronos Battlefield Edit

  • Kronos Battlefield is a capture the flag style PvP Battle arena.
  • Must be level 140 or above, and have four mercenaries to enter. Deceased mercenaries cannot be chosen.
  • Kronos Battlefield is located on the center of Titan's map.
  • This will be Crimson team against Midnight Team (Red vs. Blue).
    • One team base will be located at the top of the map (12 o'clock) and the other team base will be located at the bottom of the map (6 o'clock).
    • Player appearance will be changed, upon entering, to specific team outfit (red armor and mounts for Crimson team, blue armor and mounts for Midnight team). This is only a visual change, you will maintain the stats of the gear you currently have equipped.
    • Matches are based off of might, thus, teams will be set up to have an equal amount of might.
  • Kronos Battlefield will begin at 1 AM, 7 AM, 1 PM, and 7 PM (server time) every day.
  • Players from any server can apply. However, you will not be grouped based on server.
  • Battlefield registration will remained open for 30 minutes.
  • Each player will be allowed to fight in our normal battle system, and bring along 4 of their mercenaries.
  • Mercenaries can be selected in a TBS style window after speaking to Kronos Gatekeeper.
  • There will be 9 players on each team, for a total of 18 players in the arena.
  • Each battle will last 20 minutes.
  • Once you've queued up for Kronos, you will not be able to sign up for other forms of PvP.
  • If you willfully leave Kronos Battlefield, you will be labeled as a deserter, and will not be able to enter the battlefield for 30 minutes.
  • After fighting an enemy, you will be given a 5 second grace period. Meaning other players cannot engage you in a fight, nor wil lyou be able to engage others in a fight.
  • If you flee from a fight, you will be penalized.
    • Health, and Mana will be reduced by 20%.
    • You will be forced to move to your team's graveyard.
    • The 5 second grace period after a fight, will not apply if you flee from a fight.
  • If you die in a fight, you will be penalized.
    • No matter where you are on the map, you will be resurrected at your team's graveyard.
    • Health, and Mana will be reduced by 20%
  • If you are away from your keyboard, or your character does not move for 5 minutes, you will be removed from the battlefield as a deserter, and will not be able to enter the battlefield for 30 minutes.
  • It is possible to Auto-Battle in Kronos.
  • Battlefield will end when the 20 minutes has passed. The team with the most points, or the first to 150 points will win.
  • Players will not regain health after every battle. The only way to fully recover is from Buff Zones, and Item Boxes found inside the battlefield.
  • However, your health will reset if your are killed, and returned to the graveyard.
  • Any items acquired through the Item Box will not be functional outside of Kronos Battlefield.
  • Players will not be able to use potions, or food, in Kronos Battlefield.
    • Only scrolls marked for PvP Can be used.
    • There will be buff zones and item boxes spawned randomly on the Kronos map.
    • Buffs, and items found in the boxes will replenish your health, and mana while in Kronos.
    • In order to pick up Kronos items, you will need to have space in your main character's quick slot. If your quick slot is full, you will not be able to pick up items.
  • Various buff zones will be spawned throughout Kronos
    • Wings of Recovery: Revive, and restore main character and mercenary's. Health, and mana will be restored 100%
    • Boots of Swiftness: +50% movement speed for 5 seconds.
    • Invincible Shield: Immune to battle for 5 seconds.
  • There are 4 different way to earn points: Kills, Assists, Flag Captures, and Deserter
Method Points Classification
Defeat Enemy Mercenary 1 Point Kill
Assist an Ally in Battle 1 Point Assist
Defeat Enemy Main Character 2 Points Kill
Defeat Enemy Flag Carrier 3 Point Kill
Enemy Kicked after Idle 5 Minutes 3 Points Deserter
Enemy Resigns from Battle 3 Points Deserter
Take Enemy Flag 10 Points Flag Capture
  • Players can earn Battlefield Points, and exchange them to Kronos Merchant, for Kronos Specific rewards, please refer to the table for exchange item list:
Item Point Cost
Title: Kronos Ruler 50,000
Kronos' Treasure Chest 200
Crimson Kronos Banner 30,000
Midnight Kronos Banner 30,000
Crimson Kronos Warhorse 30,000
Midnight Kronos Warhorse 30,000
EXP Concentration License (3Hrs) 3,000
EXP Concentration License (1 Hr) 1,500
Expedition Party License (1 Hr/No Trade) 1,500
Workload Increase License (1 Day) 1,000
Perimeter License (2 Hrs) 200
Perimeter License (1 Hr) 100
2 Mystic Gem 100
5 Enhance Stone [VI] 200
5 Enchant Stone [VI] 150
10 Miracle Potion 30
5 Scroll of Bewitching (Common) 200
Scroll of Enchantment (Common) 40
Scroll of Cure 20
Scroll of Empowerment 20