The Amazing Traveling Theater! Edit

  • Ended
  • Jul. 25 2014

Atlantians! Edit


Nestled in the hills between Munich and Milan, Is the grandest show you have ever set your eyes upon! The Traveling Theater has finally arrived,Though it appears some of the performers only barely survived!

The corrupt and evil have taken control, Vowing to darken each and every soul. So my dear warrior, I implore you to save, The Traveling Theater from its ringleader knave!

The reward is quite renowned; a new mercenary, Hiding among the jesters and clowns; awaiting to be set free! However, do not be fooled by her light-hearted mood, The Harlequin's blades will surely win any feud.

But as they say, the show must go on, So you must be quick before they are gone, You will have from now until the 14th of August, To answer this plea, and prove who is the strongest among us.

Event Details Edit

July 25th - August 14th

Hourly Rewards Edit


Daily Quests Edit

Magni Edit

Writers block is the worst! Help Magni write a story about a theater, using the Traveling Theater as inspiration. He will request of you many things such as Juggling Balls, Performer and Clown Masks, and even defeating the corrupted leaders of the Traveling Theater: Ringmaster Dottore, Soldier Capitano, and Noble Pantalone. He will give this quests daily, so make sure you visit him again every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Party Harlequin Edit

One of the only ethical employees left in the Traveling Theater, Party Harlequin is afraid that the performers who have been corrupted will hurt a customer! She'll ask you take away their weapons, and gather scripts from the clowns and understudies to find out what is causing them to act so cuckoo! Party Harlequin will task this to you every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Exchange Edit

Visit Traitor Capitano near the entrance of The Traveling Theater to exchange your Dell'Arte Pages for all types of theatrical souvenirs!

Item Name Dell'Arte Page
Harlequin Mask (Event)*New 200
Title: Ringmaster*New 30
Book: Dell'arte [I] (Event) 3
Book: Fatal Flourish [I] (Event) 3
Book: Masquerade [I] (Event) 3
Book: Dell'arte [II] (Event) 5
Book: Fatal Flourish [II] (Event) 5
Book: Masquerade [II] (Event) 5
Book: Dell'arte [III] (Event) 7
Book: Fatal Flourish [III] (Event) 7
Book: Masquerade [III] (Event) 7
Book: Dell'arte [IV] (Event) 10
Book: Fatal Flourish [IV] (Event) 10
Book: Masquerade [IV] (Event) 10
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 5
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 10
Ambrosia (Event) 1
Water of Life (Event) 1
Scroll of Bewitching (Event) 1
Miracle Potion (No Trade) 1
Event items are subject to deletion after the event Edit

Harlequin Details Edit

Clown Skills:

Dell'arte Edit


Your Theatrical training grants you a chance to nullify physical damage with your swords.

Fatal Flourish Edit


Completely drains your MP to damage the enemy. The more MP you use, the greater the damage.

Masquerade Edit


Put on your mask to temporarily increase your attack power.