Thanksgiving Event Edit

  • Nov. 23 2017

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, hungry beasts have raided villages across the nation! You have been asked for a favor to return the turkeys back to the Native American Tribe! Good luck hero and save the symbol of Thanksgiving!

Requirements Edit

- Event Period: After Maintenance of 23th NOV ~ Before Maintenance of 14th DEC

- Event was extended until December 21!

- Event Level: 30 ~ 170 Level

Event Details Edit

1. Accumulative Login Edit

You can get the [Turkey] for every hour that you are online, earn up to 50 per day.

Thanksgiving 01 logintime EN
  • Accumulative time reset at 00:00 daily.

2. Random Encounter Edit

Players can encounter a [Thanksgiving Bushbeast] randomly on battles. These creatures have stolen Turkeys across the land! Stop them and retrieve the turkeys!

[Thanksgiving Bushbeast] can drop the following items:

Thanksgiving 02 randomencounter EN
  • Some dungeons and TBS don’t have [Thanksgiving Bushbeast].

3. Thanksgiving Native American

Exchange your turkeys for some valuable mounts!

Thanksgiving 03 NPCexchange EN

[Turkey] and [Gold Turkey] can be exchanged to other items from NPC [Thanksgiving Native American] in New York.

  • ALL MOUNT ITEMS(Immortal Skull Dragon, Skull Dragon, Helios' Golden Griffin, Helios' Griffin) CAN ONLY BE REDEEMED ONLY 1 TIME.
  • If you choice ‘Immortal Skull Dragon’, you cannot exchange another mount item.

Details of [Thanksgiving Box] Edit

Chance to get 1 of the following items:
Thanksgiving 04 ThanksgivingBox EN1

4. Fishing

[Turkey Bait] can be exchanged from NPC [Thanksgiving Native American]

These bait has a good chance of getting a Turkey from the sea?! It also gives a chance to get a Golden Turkey!

[Turkey Bait] costs 5 million gold per lure.

Fishing Rewards: Edit

Thanksgiving 05 Fishing EN

5. Party EXP Multiplier x2 and x3 Edit

Only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Event period.

See you all inside the game Atlantians!

VALOFE Operations Team