Tarkan's Will is a Magic Skill. See Skills for more information.

Tarkan's will Tarkan's Will

Goes into a rage, boosting Attack Power, Multi-Hit rate, Accuracy, Critical and Action Power. In TBS, boosts speed.

Combo Skill: Casting Mana Trap on Tarkan's Will triggers Combo Skill Mind Breaker, destroying the will spell.

Increasing Skill Levels: Edit

Via Skill Books: Edit

You can increase Skill levels using Skill Books:

Via Atlas Ore: Edit

Effects Edit

Skill Level Merc Level* MP Attack Power (PvE) Accuracy (PvE) Multi-Hit (PvE) Critical (PvE) Action Power (PvE)
40 170 98 540 12 46 45 88
60 151 115 681 13 59 54 98

* Assumes that mercenary is fully upgraded.