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The Tarkan (Attila) is a grade B Axe Mercenary.

Ruler of nations. Conqueror of kingdoms. Leader of warriors. All of these describe the Tarkan, the fiercest fighter the Huns have to offer.

With her Unstoppable skill, she gains even greater attack power, as well as a resistance to freezing magic. Even when outnumbered, the Tarkan can call upon her Tarkan's Will to go berserk and deal even greater damage.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.


The Tarkan is an excellent tank.

Attila is a beast in general, but especially so in TBS, where she is practically a one Tarkan army. She is immune to and traps (in TBS) and most stun spells due to her Unstoppable skill and can boost her own offensive output with her Tarkan's Will skill. She's a killing machine!

Even though she is an Item Mall mercenary, at Grade B, her upgrades with Giant Soul Jewels instead of Multi-Hued Soul Jewels for upgrades make her OP in terms of cost.



Basic Attack[]



Giant Soul Crystal and Giant Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Tarkan 1 None 354 153 221 332 747 185
Tarkan I 20 50 Giant Soul Crystal 413 179 249 371 837 185
Tarkan II 50 100 Giant Soul Crystal 455 198 277 398 1169 185
Attila 80 20 Giant Soul Jewel 519 225 304 431 1285 185
Attila I 100 40 Giant Soul Jewel 572 241 331 455 1421 185
Attila II 120 60 Giant Soul Jewel 625 256 351 475 1538 185
Attila III 130 80 Giant Soul Jewel 678 273 369 497 1653 185
Attila IV 140 80 Giant Soul Jewel 734 295 388 525 1777 185
Attila V 150 80 Giant Soul Jewel 794 320 409 560 1910 185
Attila VI 160 80 Giant Soul Jewel 952 384 490 672 2292 185


This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Cleaving blows.png Cleaving Blows[]

Gives basic attacks a chance to deal additional damage and weaken enemy defenses. Has a higher chance to trigger at higher magic levels. Cleaving Blows affects a full row, even if Attila attacks an opponent in an outer column of a row and doesn't physically hit all 3 characters in that row.

Tarkan's will.png Tarkan's Will[]

Goes into a rage, boosting Attack Power, Multi-Hit rate, Accuracy, Critical and Action Power. In TBS, boosts speed.

Unstoppable.png Unstoppable[]

Iron-clad will allows the user to hit harder and resist Stun spells.