Quest - Cretan Labyrinth Edit

1.Scary Teacher Edit

Ah... Hey! Did my master send you here...? What did my master say to you? He probably told you I would be fooling around, right? I don't even have to listen to you. I know what he said. For sure, that's what he said. ~ Ah! I am begging you, please don't beat me! He didn't ask you to kill me, did he? What? He just asked you to deliver the Planning Draft to me? Whew... That's good. I assumed that he decided to kill me this time...

MissionPlanning Draft x1


Don't look at me like that. You guys are armed to the teeth... You think it's all nonsense, but I have plenty of reasons to be scared. He's been acting strange ever since I brought him the new blueprints for the labyrinth and my ideas for the construction scheme. For example, my master tried to push me from a high-rise building, and he even put strange things in my food. I feel lucky to be alive... Even though he was always a little paranoid and egotistical, this is taking it to the extreme...


  • Experience: 60,000
  • Gold: 140,000
  • Item: Scroll of Vortex [III] x2

2.Suspicious Horses Edit

Unbelievable! So he sent you as a supervisor... That's really insulting. Ah, I am sorry! Please, don't hit me! I will do as my master said, so please don't threaten me with your dreadful weapons! ~ Yes, you are right... Hey, you. Can you help me a little bit? There are some necessary materials I have a hard time obtaining. If you go near the entrance of the Cretan Labyrinth, you can see many odd looking Brown Horses. Can you bring me 25 bundles of Tough Horsehair?

Mission: Tough Horsehair x25


Ah, thank you so much. I knew you could get the job done. Whoa, whoa, no need to be suspicious. I didn't do anything else. That is the truth! Really, it is! I've been following the blueprint, and waiting for you to come back!


  • Experience: 72,000
  • Gold: 140,000
  • Item: Enchant Stone [II] x5

3.Werewolf's Blood Edit

Why did you come back? Hey, I can smell something strange... Oh, my! This is the smell of werewolf's blood. You... You've been fighting them. You have to get rid of that smell, right? Well, you can't really do that with ordinary methods. ~ Chief Werewolves in the Labyrinth 2F act like parental figures to the other werewolves. I feel a bit sorry for them, but... Hunt the Chief Werewolves and bring me 20 Bottles filled with Werewolf Blood.

Mission: Werewolf Blood x20


Whew... Good job. With the slightest slip, you can be infected by the werewolf's blood, so we'd better hurry up. These werewolves are very pitiful beings. I don't think you know, but originally they were regular human beings. My master probably confined the chief werewolves in the labyrinth intentionally. And you know what? Many people have gone missing around the Cretan Labyrinth. I think somebody is kidnapping innocent people and locking them in there. Most of them are probably either dead or werewolves by now.


  • Experience: 76,800
  • Gold: 175,000
  • Item: Enchant Stone [II] x10

4.Special Container Edit

One day, without knowing anything, they woke up and found themselves there. It's only reasonable that they would be enraged and go on a rampage. What can we do? We just have to go on with our lives. Before I forget, you have to keep the werewolf's serum in a silver container. Otherwise, it can be contaminated. ~ Since you are in such a rush, I will make the container with the materials I have... Can you go get 10 Silver Ingots for me? Since it's an expensive material, I have to make up for it before my master finds out.

Mission: Silver Ingot x10


Well, what am I to do now! You should've been back earlier. I had almost completed making the cleanser when my master dropped in out of nowhere... He scolded me for doing something unrelated to work, and took the cleanser with him. I think he has amnesia now as well. Go see Master Daedalus quickly! You have to take it back before it's too late!


  • Experience: 64,000
  • Gold: 175,000
  • Item: Scroll of Vortex [III] x5

5.Careful Confession Edit

I-is... is it true? I was afraid of Queen Pasiphae because I could never tell what she was thinking. I never thought my research on werewolves w-would turn out like this... To be honest with you... some of the missing people were my friends. Of course, they are probably dead by now... I've secretly researched this in depth, hoping that if some of my friends did become werewolves, I could find a way to bring them back to being human again. That's all I wanted to do. ~ Inside Labyrinth 3F, you can find lionmen. I believe that like werewolves, they were originally innocent people. Can you hunt Young LionmenLionman Sorcerers and Chief Lionmen, and collect 10 Clumps of Lionman's Mane? I'd like to investigate them. I might also find a way to bring the lionmen back to whoever or whatever they were originally.

Mission: Lionman's Mane x10


Ah, thank you so much for all your hard work. Since the queen said she is going to check on me, I'd better watch out. Even if I must be extra cautious, I'm sure I can still find some free time to research this. Please tell Master Daedalus that I'll do what he asks me to do and I won't cause any more trouble. I am serious. I am really going to do what he ordered me to do!


  • Experience: 79,200
  • Gold: 192,500
  • Item: Bran Castle Equipment Box x5

6.I have no other choice Edit

H-h-he... he found that?! Shoot... I don't know what to do at this point. Yes... You are right. I secretly installed it. ~ Please, don't take it the wrong way! I just felt so sorry for them. That's why I wanted to help the young and innocent ones secretly escape from there. That's all I was doing! Even if they are wicked and evil, I don't think the young ones know much about anything!

Mission: Broken Clockwork x1


Weren't you suspicious, too? Griffins, werewolves, lionmen, and minotaurs. No matter how I looked at them, except for a few, they all seemed to be very innocent. Just because the queen gave an order, they're all locked up in there for no reason! If I had ignored them, their hatred would only grow until there was no way to contain it! Please, try to understand how I feel. Didn't you feel the same way when you saw them?! The grief, fear, and hatred in their eyes! I am begging you, put in a good word for me with my master. Master Daedalus might understand me better by now. If the queen finds out about this, she will kill me!


  • Experience: 68,000
  • Item: Suspicious Letter x1
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