TBS (Tactical Battle System) is one of 2 types of combat in Atlantica Online. The other type is Normal Combat.

TBS Types Edit

There are 2 types of TBS: Skirmish and Missions. These 2 TBS types share their combat styles, the main difference is the duration and aim of the fights. This page will discuss the TBS combat style.

See the Skirmish and Missions pages for listings of each.

Finding TBS Fights Edit


You can find all TBS NPCs from the Game Info > NPCs menu in the user interface. You can find TBS NPCs by pulling down the NPC Type list and selecting TBS.

Loot Edit

You don't have to go loot after killing monsters in TBS. The loot is picked up by your team automatically as monsters are killed, rather than the additional, separate loot step required in normal combat. At the end of each TBS fight (a mission is considered a long single fight for this purpose), a dialog appears, showing the loot (whatever didn't go into the jackpot) and experience for each formation member. Jackpot rules are the same as for normal combat.

TBS Combat Edit


TBS Combat