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"Still, those meddling adventurers trouble me. What is their purpose? Fortunately, there's a man nearby who keeps a close eye on all adventurers who pass through here." ~ North from here, you'll find Hong Gil-dong. Please learn what you can from him. He does tend to ramble, so listen carefully or you may miss some critical clue.



I do hope he didn't waste too much of your time.

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The Hellish Fairy is currently confined to the Forest of Spirits Depths She has resided in the forest for as long as we shamans have been here. Her nature is pure joy and benevolence... The ancient device cannot be disabled unless we end the fairy's life.  How could they do this? ~ "It pains me to say this, but you must kill Hellish Fairy to stop the device. After killing her, bring her Fairy Wing to me. Be careful! She's in a different class from anything you've faced so far. Be warned, you and your mercenaries cannot bring any allies into the Forest of Spirits Depths."

Mission: Fairy Wing x1


You did it... The wing of that poor fairy is infused with that device's evil energy. "I'm going to take some time to study this energy closely. Ever since I received my vision, I've begun to research. It seems that the creators of this device were from a grand civilization that destroyed the others of that time, before itself being destroyed." "If you go to Beijing, you will find the vestiges of one such destroyed civilization. I've heard tales of incidents in that region that are strikingly similar to the events of the Forest of Spirits It might be a good next destination for you." "But for now, inform my apprentice that order has been restored to the forest. This will surely gladden her heart."

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