Summer Fever: Freedom Park and Fireworks Festival! Edit

  • Ended
  • Jul. 02 2015

Summer for Atlantica Online is finally here! This year we're celebrating with Freedom Park and Fireworks. Sharpen your weapons and prepare for a historic battle with Benedict Arnold!

Liberty Cube SaleEdit

Sale Dates: Thursday, July 2 - Thursday, August 6

Liberty Cube [III] Liberty Cube [III] 4+1 Liberty Cube [III] 8+2

Price: 2,500 NX

Price: 10,000 NX Price: 15,000 NX

Quick Cube GuideEdit

A Lucky Cube is a box-type item with rare items sealed inside. The name of the cube will change based upon the kind of items stored within.

  1. Right-click the Liberty Cube II.
  2. Place a mount in the unseal slot.
    • Note: Only following are approved items for this cube:
      • Ram
    • Once your mount is placed, a list of possible items will appear.
    • Clicking the [Start] button will consume the cube, and triggering one of the following outcomes:
      • Successful unseal: The mount used to unseal the cube will transform into a rare mount.
      • Unsuccessful unseal: You will still obtain a random item from the cube, and your mount will be returned to you unchanged.
      • Note: The [Auto] button will automatically select an eligible mount from your inventory.

Notice: We highly recommend not trading mounts among other players. Please be advised that we are unable to intervene any player-to-player actions, even if they go wrong.

Freedom ParkEdit

Event Dates: Thursday, July 2 - Thursday, August 6 Monsters have swarmed Freedom Park and they’re stomping all over your freedom! It’s time to bring down the hammer of justice and show your enemies what it means to be independent in this level 80+ Event Dungeon. As you fight, you’ll gain Freedom Flyers, which can be traded for some awesome items.

Note: To enter Freedom Park, you must have a Freedom Park Ticket. During the event period, if you accumulate an hour of log in time daily, 1 Freedom Park Ticket (1 Hour/No Trade) will be given. Additionally, they will not expire at the end of day, and therefore can be accumulated through the duration of the event.

Exchange Edit

Visit the Merchant Acong near the entrance of Rome to exchange your Event Coupons for all sorts of prizes like a Ram, a Jessica and many more!

Item Name Freedom Flyers
Holy Ram Obtained through Liberty Cube
Ram 300
EXP Conc. License (1 Hr/Merc.)(No Trade) 50
Patriot's Pistol (Event) 100
Book: Battlefield Courage (Event) 3
Book: Camaraderie (Event) 3
Book: Patriotic Resolve (Event) 3
[Event] Jessica's Mugshot 200
[Event] Book: Carnage (Common) 3
[Event] Book: Morale Boost (Common) 3
[Event] Book: Blood Vendetta (Common) 3
Rin's Precious Puppet (No Trade) 100
[Event] Book: Empowering Control (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Curse of Strings (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Bloody Strings (Common) 5
Roro Kidul's Conch (No Trade) 100
[Event] Book: Aquatic Barrier (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Ocean Blessing (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Divine Will (Common) 5
Sadko's Fur Hat (Event/No Trade) 150
[Event] Book: Dischord (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Abyssal Refrain (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Volkhova's Elation (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Rally (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Demoralize (Common) 5
[Event] Book: Thunderbolt Slash (Common) 5
Mercenary [Bai Xian] Summon Scroll (No Trade) 500
Summoning Book: Beggar Su (No Trade) 500
Stars and Stripes 30
Statue of Liberty 30
Uncle Sam 30
Ancient Book of Intelligence (Event) 10
Ancient Book of Knowledge (Event) 5
Ancient Skill Book (Event) 1
Water of Life (No Trade) 2
Ambrosia (No Trade) 1

Ram and Holy RamEdit


Daily QuestsEdit

Tough foes have emerged to threaten the peace-loving citizens of Atlantica, and Luna has ordered four new Daily Quests to take care of them! Talk to Luna in Freedom Pack to sign up for the following Daily Quests:

Quest Title Objective
Villains of the Park Defeat Punk Leader / Crazy Outcast
Scary Saw Man Defeat the Scary Power Saw Mister
Scary Saw Lady Defeat the Scary Power Saw Lady
The Ultimate Jerk Defeat the Madman who is dominating the park

Fireworks Festival!Edit

Event Dates: Thursday, July 2 - Thursday, August 6

Hainan Island has transformed into a fireworks spectacular! Festival Captain Ruka and Mr. Klutz have come to enjoy some night fishing. Complete the daily quests to enjoy some explosive rewards!



Festival Captain Ruka*Log in to receive Ruka's Invitation, this item will automatically appear in your inventory

  • Travel to Hainan Island and speak to Festival Captain Ruka, she will ask for her invitation
  • Completing the quest will reward you with Fireworks Bait (Event)
    • You can buy more bait from Mr. Klutz, he can be found standing next to Ruka
  • Fireworks Bait will allow you to fish up Festival Firecracker (Event)
    • Festival Firecrackers can also be obtained by killing bonus monsters
  • Fireworks Bait has a rare chance to fish up Fireworks Marble (Event)
    • Fireworks Marbles can also be obtained after successfully persuading special event Acongs
  • Festival Firecrackers and Fireworks Marbles can be traded in to Mr. Klutz for festive rewards!
  • Festival Captain Ruka will ask you to speak to Sullen Sully once you've completed her quest

Sullen Sully*Visit Sullen Sully in Hainan Island

  • Sullen Sully is lonely, and wants to enjoy the Fireworks Festival with a friend
  • Find Traveling Acong, Free Spirit Acong, and Wayfaring Acong. These special event Acongs can be found traveling the world
  • Persuade the special event Acongs to join Sullen Sully
    • To persuade the Acongs, you must give them Festival Firecrackers
    • If you fail to persuade an Acong, he will send you on a special mission to gain his trust again
    • If you successfully persuade an Acong, they will go to Sullen Sully and reward you with 10 Fireworks Marbles!
    • Acongs can be persuaded once per day

Hourly GiveawaysEdit

Time Spent Prize
1 hour 5 Festival Firecracker (Event)
2 hours 10 Fireworks Bait (Event)
3 hours 20 Fireworks Bait (Event)
4 hours 1 Fireworks Marble (Event)

Rewards Edit

Reward Exchange Item
King Firecracker Decoration *New 400 Fireworks Marble (Event)
Fancy Fireworks Head Piece 200 Fireworks Marble (Event)
Ultimate Collector's Chest 60 Fireworks Marble (Event)
Summer Fever Random Box (Event) 5 Fireworks Marble (Event)
Burnt Fireworks Hair Decoration 2,000 Festival Firecracker (Event)
Fireworks Game My Home Decoration 700 Festival Firecracker (Event)
Fireworks Kit (Event) 100 Festival Firecracker (Event)
Independence Day Feast 70 Festival Firecracker (Event)
Merc. Room License [No Trade/14 Days] 350 Festival Firecracker (Event)
Blessing License (1 Day/ Event) 500 Festival Firecracker (Event)