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1.Who are you? Edit

Do you have any business with me? Oh, the medicine must be done. I'm sure Doctor Pien Chueh worked hard to make this, but I don't need it right now. ~ Thanks anyway. Please send my regards to Pien Chueh later. Although my order was very unusual, he did great work.

Mission: Temporary Healing Potion x1


It had been my intention to take the medicine and doing this alone. However, I think I found a person who is stronger and more fit for this job than I am. Heh heh heh.


  • Experience: 750
  • Gold: 5,000
  • Item: Life Potion [I] x15

2.Please watch out. Edit

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings when I called you my shield. Heh, don't be offended. It's a measure of how important you are to me. I have a reason to go inside those deep ruins. You want to know more about this place, right? If you help me out, I will tell you what I can. ~ Did you see the huge stone statue in front of the Ruins of the Yellow River? Several Crazy Foxes are walking around it. I believe they've picked up the strange illness that has been spreading around this area. The sickness isn't limited to humans... Please put 12 foxes out of their misery for me.

Mission: Kill Crazy Fox x12


Sh. Quiet. Your body has absorbed some of the foxes' mad energy. You are strong enough to survive until it dissipates, but... Give me a moment to analyze this energy. While I am doing it, I will teach you something. Listen carefully!


  • Experience: 750
  • Gold: 7,000
  • Item: Patrol License [I](1 day) x10

3.Inconvenience Edit

I suppose it is time for me to share with you my findings thus far. The missing people have been taken by someone who is hiding in the ruins. The men were beheaded and became Headless Soldiers, whereas the women became Magicked Archers after their souls were taken. Please inform Doctor Pien Chueh of what I have told you. He might be interested. Heh heh. No need to hurry. We'll go inside soon enough. ~ Go back to Pien Chueh for now. Ah, and if you get the chance, go see that timid Sima Qian and tell him I'm past what happened before. Heh heh heh. He's not the most honest person I've met. Anyway, visit Pien Chueh first.

Mission: Forgiveness from Sima Qian


Oh my... Welcome back. I've been waiting for you. We need to work together. ... So, you think I'm connected to the Xiyu Shaman? Did Pien Chueh or Sima Qian tell you that? Oh... my. How much did you learn about me? Yes, in fact, I am very close to her. The Xiyu Shaman used to be my best friend...


  • Experience: 900
  • Gold: 8,000
  • Item: Scroll of Vortex [I] x10

4.The Pitiful Xiyu Shaman Edit

The Xiyu Shaman was my close friend since childhood. Even though I am a human being and she... is a monster. I can't help remembering growing up together, and studying magic together. I know what must be done, but it fills me with nothing but agony. The Xiyu Shaman recently picked up a sudden interest in immortality. She told me that she was going to train in the Ruins of the Yellow River until she was powerful enough to be reborn as the immortal Xiyu Queen. I already knew that the place had a dangerous, ancient device, and I tried to warn her, but... Yes, I know everything about that place. I was going to use you to get rid of the Xiyu Shaman quietly. That ancient device can't be allowed to be released. ~ (Sigh...) I can't seem to summon the courage to go with you now. Please put an end to my pitiful friend, the Xiyu Shaman, without causing her too much pain. Would you bring me her Shaman's Staff as proof of your deed? You need to go to the Indoor Garden deep inside the Ruins of the Yellow River. If you are willing and able, please destroy the device.

Mission: Shaman's Staff x1


You came back safely. I knew you could do it. It appears that the ancient device wasn't so powerful, after all. Let me tell you the rest of the story. That old device was called a Mana Energy Reactor. Ah, that's probably not the proper name. It's my translation of the name. Anyway, that device was installed by the mighty civilization that destroyed the ancient Yellow River civilization long ago. The power that belchs up from it is called Mana Energy in this region. It's a very powerful and dangerous power that comes from something called the Oriharukon. It has a serious effect on normal people, and even people like the Xiyu Shaman... It is horribly dangerous.


  • Experience: 1,500
  • Gold: 30,000
  • Item: Sea King's Equipment Box x5

5.If you want to know more... Edit

I got all this information from a group of adventurers that I belong to. The group was organized to investigate the evil influence springing from these devices, even though they were supposed to be destroyed. We don't know anything about the mighty civilization that created it. Not even their name. No matter the source, we believe these devices must be wiped from the world. I was given the order not only to destroy the device, but the people who were infected by it. It seems that the device has stopped working now that my dear Xiyu Shaman is dead... If you are interested in our group, you will have to find our leader and speak with him personal. Last I heard, he's following a strange rumor in Shanghai. ~ He has an old acquaintance there by the name of Hu Xue-yan. You can find him near Shanghai. See if you can help him like you helped us. Anyway, thank you. Next time I hope we meet under brighter circumstances.

Mission: Talk to Hu Xue-yan




  • Experience: 1,200
  • Gold: 5,000
  • Item: Growth Vial [I] x10

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