A character in combat (main or mercenary) can be stunned if the character is hit by a physical attack 3 turns in a row. Magic attacks do not affect the combo count.


Stunned characters have a pretty obvious indication

Each physical attack adds a combo count (aka combo) to a character that is hit. When the combo count hits 3, a stun goes into effect. The combo count on any character that is not physically hit in any given round resets to 0.

A stunned character can be awakened from the stun.

Stuns can be an issue in PvE, there are some well known places and monsters that tend to stun your team frequently:

Stuns are very important to counter in PvP. If you do not have an effective strategy to counter stuns in PvP, other players will take advantage of this.

Tracking Combo Count Edit

Keep an eye on the combo count for your characters. Each time a character is hit with a physical attack, you will see the combo count pop up (e.g. combo 1, combo 2). Try to counter stuns before they happen. For example, if you have a Monk, cast Awakening when the combo count is 1 or 2. By the time it reaches 3, the character is stunned and takes more damage than when not stunned.

Stun Effects Edit

This happens to front row (e.g. tanks) character quite often.

Strategies to Deal with Stuns Edit

  • Use skills that reduce or remove combos -- This is a good strategy if you cannot afford to be geared well, especially in PvP. This is the main reason you see Monks even in some high level players' formations.
  • Seal, freeze, disable any opponent's characters that can stun you. In other words, try to disable any attacker that can stun you. Even if you can do this once every 3 turns, it will reset the combos to 0, delaying any potential stun by 3 more turns.
  • Let stuns happen: you can simply equip your front line character -- This is a good strategy if you can afford to be geared well, it also helps if you have a good header who can heal the stunned characters while they are taking more damage than usual.
  • Kill faster before your team can be stunned -- This is a good strategy if you can afford to be geared well and have good weapons.
  • Stun them before they can stun you -- See Stun Builds below.

Characters Who Can Awaken or Reduce Combos Edit

  • Maestro main: The skill Up Tempo can reset the combo count (although it does not awaken stunned characters).
  • Monk: The Awakening skill is perhaps the most effective method in the game for removing and preventing stuns.
  • Patriot: Washington's Camaraderie reduces up to 5 character's Combo Count by 1 each turn.
  • Puppeteer: the Rin's Empowering Control skill allows the Rin to take control of another mercenary on your team, allowing them to act regardless of the situation, even when frozen or stunned. This is accompanied by a single character heal.
  • Punisher: Frank's Sacrificial Awakening skill awakens stunned allies, at the cost of some of his own health.
  • Goddess: Roro Kidul's Ocean Blessing awakens and reduces combos

Other Ways to Awaken or Reduce Combos Edit

  • Use Awakening Scrolls -- these scrolls are less expensive than most scrolls and awaken your entire formation.
  • Use a Stimulant -- this is a limited method of dealing with stuns, it allows you to awaken one character from a stun.

Stun Builds Edit

Some players create builds specifically designed to take advantage of stuns (stun builds), both for PvE and PvP combat. These builds typically use guns and cannons.

Stun-Related Main and Mercenary Skills Edit

These mercenaries have special stun-related abilities besides adding or removing combos.