Patch Notes: Stormcaller Update Edit

  • Update
  • Oct. 24 2013
Atlantica Online- Stormcaller Trailer

Atlantica Online- Stormcaller Trailer

New Main Class: Stormcaller Edit

A new Atlantian Main class has been added.

  • Stormcaller can be created through the character creation window after selecting desired server, just like previous character creations.
  • Stormcaller can only be Female

New Weapon – Whip Edit

Stormcaller uses a Whip, which is a ranged weapon that can target an entire row. Additionally, this weapon can attack airborne enemies. Stormcaller can also wield an orb in her off-hand.

New Skills: Edit

  • Lightning Lash – This skill attacks all enemies while wielding the whip weapon.
  • Storm Master – A basic attack which gives a chance to deal extra electrical damage while increasing her Multi-hit rate and Critical chance.
  • This skill can be unlocked at level 100 by talking to Time Goddess Aegis in the Time Rift Dungeon.
  • Apotheosis – This skill can be activated after four enemies have been defeated. The Stormcaller will then transform into a Goddess of Lightning which unlocks two additional spells and increases stats.
  • Divine Thunder – The Goddess of Lightning will reduce enemy stats while dealing damage multiple times.
  • Heaven’s Fury – The Goddess of Lightning will deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies.

New Dungeon: Time Rift Edit

The new dungeon, Time Rift has been added.

  • The Time Rift Dungeon changes at dawn and dusk according to ‘in-game time.’
  • Between 7:00-18:00 in-game time, you may enter Dawn of Battle.
  • Between 19:00-6:00 in-game time, you may enter Dusk of Battle.
  • Time Rift contains zones for both Lv. 100 and Lv. 150 characters.
  • At level 100, you can complete the Stormcaller upgrade quest.
  • At level 150, you can complete the Daily Quest that requests you to gather medals.

New Special Skill: Overdrive Mode Edit

Overdrive mode is a new skill that can be obtained at level 60 or above for main classes.

  • This new skill, Ancient Fury, can be obtained by completing a quest given by Master Simon located at Rome's Plaza.
  • Overdrive mode includes a gauge located at the bottom of the screen, and fills after defeating enemies. Once this gauge is full, the skill, Ancient Fury can be activated.
  • Attacking enemies lower in level will not increase the gauge.

New Craft: Whip Crafting Edit

Whip crafting has been added

  • You can learn how to craft the Whip by talking to NPC Ragnas, who has been moved to Time Rift Station.

New Mercenary: Sadko Edit

The new mercenary class, Sadko, the Bard, who uses the power of sea, has been added.

  • Sadko is an Instrument type mercenary that possesses incredible intelligence.
  • Skills:
    • Dischord – Deals damage to the enemy while generating a chance to stun target.
    • Abyssal Refrain – Casts a debuff in a cross shape on the enemies formation to reduce Magic Defense and Defense.
    • Volkhova's Elation – Deals powerful damage to all enemies.

General Edit

  • The function for distributing Experience Books, which can be acquired during the party play, has been removed.
  • The auto-move restriction for Lv. 10 or below character has been disabled.
  • Health of all mercenaries is increased during Competition.
  • A whip has been added to the Atlantica Day Acong Item Exchange list.
  • The amount of AP reduced from Taoist’s [Spirit Echo] skill has been adjusted for PvP.

Bug Fixes and Improvements Edit

  • An issue that caused players to be unable to move to certain locations when using a treasure map has been fixed.
  • An issue which caused the tooltip in the item book not to display properly has been fixed.
  • Expedition Party functions have been improved.
    • Added ability to loot Expedition Quest items
    • Added featured so that workload can now be earned, and will earn the same amount as Expedition battles.
    • Added the ability to view a Mercenary’s information as a tooltip when a mouse cursor is placed over the Mercenary’s image.
    • Added an Expedition shortcut icon that was not normally seen during battle.
  • Issue where Chironia’s voice was not playing properly.
  • Added a fixed price for the whip weapon has been applied to the market.
  • Updated the magic attack range of monsters located in the Time Rift Station.
  • An issue where the Assault Search Soldier was joining the Training Hall battle has been fixed.
  • The login screen has been revamped.
  • An issue where the Atlantica Diary Bonus EXP percentage amount only being refreshed or updated only when you close the window.
  • Improved the guide message to clearly state the amount and item grade when a trade exceeds 10 Billion gold in My Store.
  • An issue where the buff info display window not being shown in a Skirmish or TBS Mission has been fixed.
  • An issue where stats are not being displayed when both the Inherent Ability and the Special Ability are applied has been fixed.
  • An issue where some Talents were not activating properly has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Might value was not refreshed when the Special Ability was applied has been fixed.
  • An issue where the 'Set Item' in the item tooltip has been changed to the 'Collection Effects' name.
  • An issue where the Riva Faust's Resurrection skill was not functioning in TBS Auto Battle mode has been fixed.
  • An issue with Riva Faust's Resurrection skill being applied to monsters.
  • An improvement has been made to the Power Saw Main Class's Talent Blades of Slaughter would activate at properly in PvP Mode.
  • An improvement has been made so that the My Buff Effects button would be visible at the top right even during a TBS battle.
  • A change has been made to increase the limit for the maximum amount of Atlantis Coins from 2 billion to 100 billion.
  • An improvement has been made so that a tooltip guide has been added to the Outfit Extraction Stone item.
  • An improvement has been made so that a guide message will appear when you try to extract stats from an outfit or hat which had stats prior to the Outfit Enhancement improvements applied.
  • An issue with the character model being stretched out in certain situations has been fixed.
  • A revision has been made so that the Search Robot does not work in PvP battles.
  • The Goonzu World dungeon has been removed. (We'll introduce a new dungeon that matches the level of the Goonzu World dungeon.)
  • An issue with not being able to click on the mercenaries during certain battle situations.
  • The Arena has been removed.