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Star Stones can be attached to a socketed piece of equipment in order to give it additional stats.

See sockets to see how sockets can be added and to which equipment they can be added.

A Star Stone improves the stats of the piece of equipment it is added to and only that piece of equipment!

List of Star Stones[]

See the complete list of available Star Stones here.


  • If you add a Star Stone that gives you +20 Dexterity to a piece of equipment, that item will now have an additional 20 Dexterity, whether it originally had any Dexterity or not.
  • If you add a Star Stone that gives you +6% Dexterity to a piece of equipment, that item will now have an additional 6% Dexterity. So, you should only add this to an item that already has Dexterity. If you add this to an item with no Dexterity, you will not gain any benefit, since 6% of 0 is 0.
    Each Star Stone is ranked from 1 to 5, and total of 60 different Star Stones are available.

The Star Stone Bag is the place for working with Star Stones. You can register star stones, select stones from the bag to equip in a socket, or fuse multiple stones together. Access your Star Stone Bag by clicking the right-side shortcut, then right-click the Star Stone in the inventory, and then select Game Info - Star Stone Bag.

Registering Star Stones[]

Star Stones must be registered in the Star Stone Bag before they can be socketed or fused.

Click the Register Star Stone button the Star Stone Bag to store Star Stones from your inventory in the bag. Click the Remove Star Stone button to return a Star Stone to your inventory.

Fusing Star Stones[]

Place 3 - 5 Star Stones to be fused.

Fusing Star Stones consumes 3 to 5 Star Stones to obtain one random Star Stone, and requires paying a gold fee.

  1. Click on a Star Stone in the Star Stone Bag and then a star placeholder on the Fuse tab.
  2. Repeat until 3 to 5 stones are placed and the pentagonal center button lights up.
  3. Review the bottom of the fuse tab for the fusing cost and lowest and highest rank for the resulting Star Stone.
  4. When ready to fuse, click the lit up blue center button.
  5. The Star Stones you placed onto the Fuse tab are fused into 1 new Star Stone. A dialog pops up to show you the result of the fusing.

Dialog displaying the result of the Star Stone fusion.

By using more stones to be fused, you increase your chances of getting a higher stone as a result. If you fuse 3 stones, your chances of getting a higher stone are lowest, 4 improves it and fusing 5 stones makes your chances for a good result highest.

Level Fuse Cost
[I] 50,000
[II] 1,000,000
[III] 100,000,000
[IV] 300,000,000

You can obtain gold Star Stones by combining Star Stones of 3 or 4 different colors (blue/red/white/black).

If you fuse only Star Stones of the same color, you will only get Star Stones of that color. If you fuse Star Stones of various colors, you can get a Star Stone in one of the colors you fused, and occasionally even a gold Star Stone.

Warning: it's easy to accidentally click on and fuse Star Stones of grade V when trying to fuse grade I Star Stones instead, since they are right next to each other. This can result in a very expensive mistake! I actually remove grade V stones from my Star Stone bag after I get them so that I don't accidentally fuse them.

Adding Stones to Sockets[]


This allows you to add stones to equipment in your Inventory.

  1. Click the Star Stone Bag's Add Stones tab.
  2. Click Auto Insert to select the next available socketable item from your Inventory, then click on an open socket and a stone in your Star Stones Bag.
  3. Click the Equip button to socket the stones into the item. You will get a warning if an existing Star Stone is already equipped in a socket. Doing so will destroy the existing Star Stone.

Star Stone Drop Locations[]

Gravewoods area monsters randomly drop Star Stones [I].

All these dungeons drop Star Stones [I] or [II]:

Blue Wolf and Blue Scorpion[]

Black Shark and Black Cat[]

Red Ox and Red Fox[]

White Whale and White Monkey[]

Golden Eagle and Gold Ram[]

Star Stones were added in the Enter the Magician's Tower update.