St. Patrick's Events! Edit

Atlantians, Edit

The Shadow Corps (Shadow Legion) have arrived! Head to Central Asia and the Chang An Market Street. Here you will find the home of the Shadow Corps where you can complete the recruit quests for : The Beggar King, Bai Yigai, and Chueh Shui!

Shadow Corps. Introduction Edit

Visit NPC [Shadow]Helper Chiu Ho at Rome Gate and purchase a Shadow Random Box for 30,000,000 Gold! The Shadow Random Box gives you a chance to obtain all the Shadow Corps Mercenaries. The Top 10 players who donate the most to the Beggar Sect will receive a title at the end of the event and anyone who purchases 1 Shadow Random Box will also get a title for participating!

Six Shadow Emblems will be given away to everyone with next weeks maintenance due to the recent feedback. You can use the Shadow Emblems to trade in at Merchant Acong - Chiu Hong(Event) from Shadow Corps or other items at Rome Gate.

Event Duration: 3/6 – 3/26

St. Patrick's Day Edit

Starting Friday March 6 – Thursday, March 26, head to Northern Europe, and outside Dublin you will see a field of Green Monsters!


The monsters outside Dublin are set to auto-leveling. You will need to get Paint(Event) from bonus monsters and combine them with the Green Water(Event) from the Green Monsters outside Dublin. Once you have both materials, go to My Info->Skills->Quest-> Green Paint(Event). You will need 5 Green Water(Event) and 1 Paint to craft Green Paint(Event).

Note that 2,500 free Green Waters will be given to all players in their Item Mall Pick Up. Green Waters will begin dropping from Monsters outside Dublin on 3/12/

Daily Quest! Edit

Everyday you'll be able to complete Daily Quests from NPC Partyholic Mary ! Complete her quest daily for Green Paint ingredients.

Attendance Event. Edit

Everyday you'll be able to check in to the Attendance Event!

NPCs Edit

Green Foody is completely obsessed with the color green. You can see that she only carries Green Items. Speak to her to exchange your Green Paint(Event) for goodies, with the main attraction being St. Patrick's at, Costume and Wings!

Reward Cost (Cakes)
St. Patrick Garuda's Wings(Event) 700 Green Paint(Event)
St. Patrick Outfit(Event) 400 Green Paint(Event)
St. Patrick Headpiece(Event) 400 Green Paint(Event)
Green Jewel Box 150 Green Paint(Event)
Green Gift Box 100 Green Paint(Event)
Green Clover Dinner Table(Event) 70 Green Paint(Event)
Water of Life (Event) 2 Green Paint(Event)
Life Potion[V] 1 Green Paint(Event)
Mysterious Green Pea(Event) 4 Green Paint(Event)
Tasty Green Soup(Event) 4 Green Paint(Event)
Sweet Green Cake(Event) 4 Green Paint(Event)
Magicial Green Tea(Event) 4 Green Paint(Event)
Yggdralils' Fruit 2 Green Paint(Event)
Yggdralils' Leaf 2 Green Paint(Event)
Green Mold 1 Green Paint(Event)

Login Rewards Edit

Get Green Paint crafting materials just for being logged in!

Login Time Reward
1 cumulative hour 1 Paint
2 cumulative hour 1 Paint
3 cumulative hours 2 Paint
4 cumulative hours 1 Green Paint(Event)

St. Patrick's Treasure! Edit

St. Patrick's Treasure
Price: 999 NX

For those that don't have time to farm enough Green Paints, we've bundled up the St. Patrick's Set for only 999 NX!


  • St. Patrick's Wings
  • St. Patrick's Costume
  • St. Patrick's Hat
  • Instant Lvl Up (Lvl. 120)
  • 5 Friendship Candy
  • Bard Book Box II
  • 30 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal
  • Search Song I Search License(30 days)
  • 20 Medici Deluxe Box
  • 10 Atlas Outfit Stone
  • 10 Atlas Ore
  • 10 Atlas Ore E
  • Bard Book Box I
  • 5 Love Candy
  • Operation Orders
  • 10 Lucky Enhance Stone
  • 3 EXP Concentration License (1 day)
  • 5 EXP Concentration License (3 Hrs)
  • 30 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel
  • Lilith's Supply Box
  • 10 Advanced Trial Key
  • 20 Heavenly Crystal
  • 30 Secret Vial of Potential [II]
  • Assassin's Projectile Box
  • St. Patricks Box 1/3/5

Toad Sale Edit

Toad Box Toad Box 3+1 Toad Box 5+2
Price: 9,990 NX Price: 29,970 NX Price: 49,990 NX


  • 1st Place Toad
  • 2nd Place Toad
  • 3rd Place Toad
  • Toad
  • Dragon's Fallen Power
  • Shining Gevra's Necklace
  • Shining Koguma's Necklace
  • Shining Tifaret's Necklace
  • Shining Cataire's Necklace
  • Extra Inventory License (Perm)
  • Bard Book Box II
  • Search Song I Search License(30 days)
  • 25 Atlas Outfit Stone
  • Bard Book Box I
  • Scroll of Judgment
  • Merc. Room License (Perm)
  • 200 Scroll of Freezing
  • 200 Scroll of Resurrection
  • 200 Scroll of Bewitching
  • Operation Orders
  • 10 Lucky Enhance Stone
  • 3 EXP Concentration License (1 day)
  • 5 EXP Concentration License (3 Hrs)
  • Deep Blue Sea Earrings
  • Deep Blue Sea Bracelet
  • 100 Atlas Ore
  • 100 Atlas Ore [E]
  • 60 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel
  • Lilith's Supply Box
  • 150 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal
  • 100 Heavenly Crystal
  • 30 Secret Vial of Potential [II]
  • Assassin's Projectile Box
  • Toad Box 1/2/5