A squad is a grouping of up to 10 parties, so it can hold up to 30 players. Squads are commonly formed to group with more players than a party, and also often used for guild or nation dungeons.


To form a Squad, you must create a party with another player first, then press the Form Squad button on the Party menu.

Players will sometimes request that someone help them start a party so that they can form a squad, which is required for some things, like running TBS Missions in squad mode (which usually has better rewards than solo mode). If that player is a friend or in your guild or nation, it's nice to help that player out.

Squad Rules Edit

  • Once you are in a squad, click the + sing under the P (party) menu on the left side if your screen to access the squad menu,
  • You cannot join a squad if you are already in another squad.
  • To quit a squad, right-click on your name in the squad list and select withdraw.
  • Only the Squad Commander (bright yellow in the squad menu) can move around squad members among different parties in a squad.
  • Up to 10 squad members can be promoted by the Squad Commander. Once promoted (your name will be in light yellow), you can invite other players to the squad.