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[HALLOWEEN EVENT] Spooky Ghost Town[]

  • Oct. 26 2017

Eu fb haloween.png

Trick or Treat!

Finally, Halloween event of 2017 has been started. Let’s gather Halloween accessories!


- Event Period: After MA of 26th OCT ~ Before MA of 16th NOV

- Event Level: 60 ~ 170 Level

Event Details[]

1. Pumpkin Town Invitation[]

You can get one ‘[Event] Toxic Pumpkin Town Invitation’ per day (Reset time 06:00)

Once used, you can stay inside the pumpkin town for 30 minutes!

For easier access, there is an icon on the upper left of screen, simply click on the icon and get teleported quickly!

2. Monster Madness![]

For every event monster killed, you will get 'Pumpkin Bombs'! These items can be used to enhance your characters or be traded for better items with the Halloween Specter!

Monsters also have the chance to drop ‘[Event] Toxic Pumpkin Town Invitation’ and ‘[Event] Cursed Pumpkin Key’.

2 MonsterMadness EN.png

3. The Spooky Old Pumpkin![]

At the end of the field, the BIG BOSS PUMPKIN is hungry for a challenge! To enter the instance, you need one [Event] Cursed Pumpkin Key. You can get Halloween accessories for defeating it!

3 SpookyOldpumpkinBossdrop EN1.png

4. Halloween Specter?[]

You can exchange your 'Pumpkin Bombs' for roulette items! These roulettes requires Halloween accessories and gives you the chance to upgrade them into RARE 'Spooky' accessories!

For Valentine accessory owners, we have good news! There is also a roulette item available to transform your Valentine accessories to 'Spooky' Halloween accessories!

These roulette items do not consume your accessories unless the upgrade succeeds

Lastly, we have prepared the 'ACA Event Lucky Box I’ for the people who may completed the accessory sets, a box that contain the legendary 'Riederan' accessories!

4 Halloweenspecter EN.png

5. Pumpkin Bomb Enhancement?[]

We did say that 'Pumpkin Bombs' can enhance your characters? 'Pumpkin Bomb’ also can be used as weapon. Why not try to equip it?

6. Remove Event item[]

These items will be removed after the event period, make sure you use them up before the event ends!

6 RemoveeventItem EN.png

7. ACA Event Lucky Box I[]

Chance to get 1 of the following items

7 ACAeventluckyBoxI EN.png

Thank you very much for the long read and have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!