Spelltower (aka ST) is a weekly massive Server vs Server PvP TBS style battle on Titan server.

The winning Server gets a number of buffs for a week (until the next Spelltower battle):

Spelltower Control button

  • +25% EXP
  • +10% Attack Power
  • +5% Defense.
See the Event Notice for the Spelltower schedule.

Spelltower schedule in Event Notice

Click the Spelltower Control button on the user interface to join the battle.

If you are not on Titan server yet, you can now move to Titan. Once you make it to Titan, click on the Spelltower Control button and a list of Spelltower rooms will appear. To confirm you have saved a place, click the waiting list button after you reserved a spot.

As soon as Spelltower Control opens, Each player can take his or her main and 1 mercenary. Players will have five minutes to make final preparations before going into battle. Once ready, click the Enter Battle button.

You attack the Spelltower in the center of the map and defend your bases.

Spelltower Battle


Spelltower Battle


Spelltower Battle