The Spearman (Zhao Yun) is a grade D Spear Mercenary.

Spearman portrait
The Spearman forgoes defense to go on an all-out offensive. His spear not only packs a punch, but it also hits the enemy behind the Spearman's main target.

Spearman mercenary

His Lightning Spear spell is effective against enemies you want to keep out of the fight, as enemies hit by it will lose action power.

You can have as many of this mercenary as you like.

Assessment Edit

Zhao Yun is a passable tank at lower levels. He is among the least expensive (to obtain, upgrade and skill up) mercenaries. His greatest virtue, however, is his ability to reduce the enemy's Action Power.

Lightning Spear skill is an offensive skill that reduces your opponents' Action Power and hits two enemies in a column. Deadly Strike, the D rank mercenaries' skill, delivers a powerful strike to a target but sacrifices Action Power.

He can make a good action-locking team with the Viking and other Spearmen on lower levels, but as the player progresses, he will become obsolete compared to every other Spear mercenary and other mercenaries in general. He may last a bit longer in a team with a Dragoon Main Character thanks to their passive buff, but that's it.

At some point when you get to the higher in-game levels (>120), you will probably want a merc with more and better skills and damage potential.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

  • You can recruit Spearmen after level 5 from NPCs Jang Gil San, Ou Yang Feng, Shuichi, Im Guk-jung and Neti for 5,000 gold.
  • Can be found wandering around in towns or on roads and recruited on the spot. Hiring a wandering mercenary, however, will most likely cost more than recruiting one from the recruiter NPCs.

Upgrades Edit

Ashen Crystal and Ashen Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Spearman 1 None 310 120 210 240 230 110
Spearman I 20 50 Ashen Crystal 350 160 230 270 350 110
Spearman II 50 100 Ashen Crystal 380 190 250 300 450 110
Zhao Yun 80 20 Ashen Jewel 440 220 250 330 650 110
Zhao Yun I 100 50 Ashen Jewel 470 235 267 353 890 110
Zhao Yun II 120 150 Ashen Jewel 500 249 274 371 1090 110
Zhao Yun III 130 200 Ashen Jewel 530 269 286 392 1240 110
Zhao Yun IV 140 200 Ashen Jewel 566 290 300 415 1420 110
Zhao Yun V 150 200 Ashen Jewel 605 311 315 443 1630 110
Zhao Yun VI 160 200 Ashen Jewel 726 373 378 531 1956 110

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

Deadly strike Deadly Strike Edit

A strike of desperation while on the verge of death. The attack puts a strain on your Action Power, delaying your next turn.

Lightning spear Lightning Spear Edit

Attack a column of enemies with a shocking burst of lightning. Will also lower the enemies' Action Power.