The Spartan recruiting quest chain is a mercenary recruitment quest chain for the Spartan mercenary and may be started by players of level 100 and above. The quest chain features [Ancient Spartan Hero]. The quest objectives focus around the Forgotten Hero's Palace. This quest chain can be reset by trading one [Secrets of Time: Spartan] with [Hui Chao].


Quest Objective Experience Gold Stamina Items
1. Forgotten Hero's Armor Fetch [Old Spartan Shield]×1 100,000 150,000 1 None
2. Forgotten Hero's Heart Fetch [Colorful Soul Stone]×1 100,000 150,000 1 None
3. Bowl Craft [Brave Soldier's Spirit Slate]×1 100,000 150,000 1 None
4. Viva! Sparta Kill [Ancient Bronze Giant] (1) 200,000 350,000 1 [Sealed Casket: Spartan]
Totals 500,000 800,000 4 1


The following goods and information are required by some of the quests in the chain, and can be acquired in advance of receiving the quest.

Trade goodsEdit

Quest Item
1. Forgotten Hero's Armor [Old Spartan Shield]×1
2. Forgotten Hero's Heart [Colorful Soul Stone]×1
3. Bowl [Brave Soldier's Spirit Slate]×1

Monster informationEdit