Sorceress (Quest) also known as Sorceress Recruitment Quest is the quest that is required to obtain the sealed orb Sorceress Idol, used to summon the Sorceress mercenary.

Her Retribution skill can only be unlocked after using Sealed Book: Retribution which can be bought from the market or obtained from the quest Legendary Hero (Quest).

Quest Details Edit

Quest Edit

Quest NPC Objective Reward Notes
1. Land of the Spirits Sorceress Mwindo Open World Map EXP: 5,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
2. My Name Is Mwindo Sorceress Mwindo Answer question: [Mwindo] EXP: 5,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
3. Power of the Heavens Sorceress Mwindo Fetch [Heavenly Crystal]×100 EXP: 15,000,000
Gold: 5,000,000
4. Friend of the Dogon Sorceress Mwindo Complete Dogon Defense (TBS) EXP: 30,000,000
Gold: 2,000,000
5. Searching for Answers Sorceress Mwindo Answer question: [1] EXP: 15,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
6. All About Trees Sorceress Mwindo Acquire [basic info] on [Tree Spirit] EXP: 15,000,000
Gold: 2,000,000
7. Tree Specter Sorceress Mwindo Kill [Tree Specter] (1) EXP: 35,000,000
Gold: 2,200,000
8. Protect the Weak Sorceress Mwindo Go to Kinshasa EXP: 5,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
9. The Coming Hero's Legend Sorceress Mwindo Sorceress Mwindo hands you [The Coming Hero's Legend]×1
Use [The Coming Hero's Legend]×1
EXP: 5,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
10. Spirit Drain Sorceress Mwindo Complete Balance Restored (TBS) EXP: 40,000,000
Gold: 2,400,000
11. To Arm a Nation Sorceress Mwindo Open Artisans in Community EXP: 5,000,000
Gold: 1,000,000
12. War is a Gamble Sorceress Mwindo Use [Medici's Deluxe Box]×1 EXP: 15,000,000
Gold: 10,000,000
13. Corrupt Sorcerer Sorceress Mwindo Kill [Corrupt Sorcerer] (1) EXP: 45,000,000
Gold: 2,600,000
14. A Real Friend Sorceress Mwindo Fetch [Mukti Scale]×5 EXP: 15,000,000
Gold: 6,000,000
15. Power of Rhythm Sorceress Mwindo Fetch [Makuta Drum]×1 EXP: 15,000,000
Gold: 6,000,000
16. Mwindo of Africa Sorceress Mwindo Answer question: [Mwindo] EXP: 5,000,000
Gold: 4,000,000
Item: [Sorceress Idol]×1