With the Socket System, you can apply sockets to various pieces of equipment.

Star Stones can then be added to the sockets to improve the equipment by giving it additional stats.

Adding Sockets Edit


You can add sockets to existing equipment without sockets.

Open the Star Stone Bag and click on the Add tab.

Click Auto Insert to select the next available item that can have sockets added from your Inventory. This will randomly add between 1 and 3 sockets to equipment (or 1 to accessories).

Click Add to start the socketing process.

Socketed Item Display Edit


Socketed items will be shown in your inventory with little squares in the lower left corner. Gray squares indicate empty sockets, turquoise squares indicate equipped (with Star Stones) sockets. If you hover over an item with the mouse cursor, sockets and socket contents will be displayed in the tool tip.

Removing Sockets Edit

You can remove sockets from socketed items using the Star Stone Bag's Reset tab.

Click Auto Insert to select the next available socketed item from your Inventory. Click Begin Reset to start the de-socketing process.

Doing so requires Atlas Restoration Ore.

Enchanting Socketed Equipment Edit


Enchanting Judgment Boots with 3 sockets, Judgment Boots with 1 socket are sacrificed.

If you Enchant equipment with sockets and/or Star Stones, the Sockets in the non-sacrificed item will be retained, while Sockets in the sacrifice item are lost.

Enchanting is a way to improve the number of sockets of your items. For example, if you have a piece or Armor with just one socket, you can use it as the sacrifice item when enchanting another piece or Armor with 2 or 3 sockets. This gains you a +1 Armor with the number of sockets you want. You can do this at any + level all the way to +10 (+11 for Legendary Weapons).

Enhancing Socketed Equipment Edit

If you Enhance equipment with sockets and/or Star Stones, the sockets and Star Stones will remain.