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Note: Smart Robo was disabled during the 7/14/2021 maintenance due to a bug.

Smart Robo is an NPC that can enhance equipment of grade +5 or lower by sacrificing equipment boxes of the same grade (e.g. Pegasus gear can be enhanced using Pegasus Equipment Boxes). The number of boxes required depends on the grade (+) of the gear you wish to enhance.

While you can only start with a grade of +5, results can be as high as +8 (rare) or higher (rarer).

If an enhancement succeeds, the equipment boxes are sacrificed, and the equipment gains a random number of grades.

If an enhancement fails, you lose the equipment boxes, and the equipment loses a number of grades (usually 1 or 2).

This is an easy way to upgrade specific pieces of equipment and is far faster and less random than opening and enchanting equipment boxes.

Smart Robo is located at the Bazaar in Rome.