Shadow Legion mercenaries. If you have a mercenary, his or her portrait becomes un-shadowed.

The Shadow Legion (aka Shadow Corps aka Beggar Corps) is one of 3 Legions in Atlantica Online. Each legion has a number of mercenaries as members.

The Shadow Legion was added to Atlantica Online on March 6, 2015.

The other legions are Diabolic and Shaolin.

You can find detailed info about each Legion and Legion Mercenaries in the Legion Info window (Alt+U).

Shadow Legion Skill Edit

The Shadow Legion's Legion Skill is Might of Descending Dragon. If 3 or more mercenaries from a single legion are active in your formation, and you have set your Main Legion (set this in the Legion Info window) to that legion, the Legion Skill for that Legion becomes active. This means:

  • The skill will level as you gain experience.
  • The skill will occasionally proc in your battles.

You can see the Legion Skills in the Legion Info window.

Shadow Mercenaries Edit

Not all legion mercenaries can be recruited via quests, but most can be bought from the market. All have been made available at some point via events or the Item Mall.

Legion Mercenaries are named Trainee XYZ, because there are, in many cases, also NPCs with the same name as the Mercenary. This makes it easy to tell the difference. Trainee XYZ is the mercenary and XYZ is the NPC.

The mercenaries that are members of the Shadow Legion are:

Shadow Areas Edit

All the Shadow Legion NPCs and quests take place in Central Asia at Chang An Market Street.

Shadow NPCs Edit

All located at Chang An Market Street

Shadow Quests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Beggars' Sect is a fictional martial arts sect featured prominently in works of wuxia fiction. The sect's members are mostly beggars as its name suggests, but some of them are from other walks of life. They are noticeable in public for their dress code and behaviour. The members adhere to a strict code of conduct and maintain the utmost respect for ranks and hierarchy. They uphold justice and help those in need through acts of chivalry. The Beggars' Sect is also one of the supporting pillars in the defence of ancient Han Chinese society from foreign invaders. The sect has a wide network of communications and the members are reputed for their excellent information-gathering skills. This is due to the sect's large size and the nature of its members, which allows them to blend into different parts of society easily.
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